12 Tips to Grow Hair Naturally | Alopecia | Bald Hair

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12 Tips to Grow Hair Naturally | Alopecia | Bald Hair

Tips to Grow Hair Naturally:

“OMG! Your hair is soo… pretty!”And suddenly she felt like a queen,

powerful and confident.


Only a Girl knows the true value of her long & Beautiful hair.

Yes, this is true. Hair definitely enhances your beauty and confidence, up to many times. Every girl wants to have luscious, long, dense and beautiful hair. If you have beautiful hair, any hairstyle would look fabulous on you. So without any delay, let’s start. bald hair, receding hairline,alopecia,tips to grow hair naturally

But before I discuss everything in detail, let me tell you that you do need a lot of patience to grow long, healthy & beautiful hair.

Long and Healthy Hair Needs:

  1. Your Determination bald hair, receding hairline,alopecia,tips to grow hair naturally,bald women
  2. Your Time home remedies for hair growth and thickness, hair loss in teens,hair loss 2020,tips to grow hair naturally
  3. Your Effort hair loss in children, stress and hair loss,alopecia,health care tips
  4. Your Healthy Diet home remedies for hair growth,bald women,hair tips,health and beauty ,health tips of the day
  5. Your Proper Lifestyle how to stop hair fall,thinning hair,hair fall,
  6. Your Choice of Hair Products hair loss 2020, receding hairline at 20,
  7. Your clean surroundings factors, not like dust or pollution and many more… bald hair, receding hairline

We often perform some experiments on our hair, due to which our hair starts becoming weak and problems like hair fall, breakdown and dandruff occur. Not taking care of our hair, colouring our hair with local colouring, applying some local cream on hair and not getting the necessary nourishment for hair are the some of the main reasons to lose our beautiful hair and many times when treating a disease,

with a side effect of any medicine, even the hair starts falling and there is a problem of baldness. If you have not had any such problem so far, then my advice is to adopt natural and ayurvedic methods for beautiful hair. In this article, we will learn ways to make our hair beautiful and healthy with these simple but effective tips. tips to grow hair naturally

To keep hair healthy and to look good, it is important to have our hair oil regularly, we all know that, but many people are not aware of which oil to apply in the hair. I also mentioned different types of oil in this article. According to experts, applying oil in the hair regularly helps keep the hair nourished as well as remove the infections such as itching and dandruff in the skin of the head.

Most hair products available in the market,  have chemicals and are expensive and also damages your hair to great extent. To make the hair long, we can adopt some simple but effective tips at home, their side effects are almost none and they increase hair and strengthen the hair naturally.

Changing Your Hair Care Routine


Comb Smoothly: Use the brush with natural boar bristles. Slowly move the brush on the hinged hair and do not drag the hair while brushing. home remedies for hair growth and thickness, hair loss in teens,hair loss 2020

Comb Wet Hair: Do not comb wet hair, otherwise you will be having hair fall.

Daily Scalp Massage: Give your scalp a comfortable massage, massage with your fingers in circular motion. This will increase the blood flow in your scalp, which will make your hair follicles grow rapidly.

While shampooing your hair under the shower, it is the best time to massage the hair. If your hair is stiff, then in order to keep your hair from getting too much drag, put some oil to hair. hair loss 2020, receding hairline at 20,

Shampoo: Use Shampoo only 2-3 times a week. Shampoo daily makes your hair dry, which reduces hair growth. Shampoo two-three times a week, it is enough to keep the hair clean and help remove dust particles from the hair. In the rest of the days, wash the hair with water and put the conditioner. It is not recommended to use shampoo daily.

Conditioner: Before I say something, this point is debatable. Some hair experts advise using a hair conditioner before shampoo and some advice to use a conditioner after shampoo. Conditioner adds some missing essential oil in hair.

To strengthen your hair, it is necessary to fill them with oil again, which promotes growth. In addition to normal conditioning, once in a week, you also give deep condition treatment to your hair. By this process it will make your hair shinier also makes your hair stronger. receding hairline at 20, receding hairline at 20,


Don’t Use Towel: To dry your hair, always remember to use a microfiber cloth instead of a towel. By using towels to dry hair, your hair gets stuck in towel fibers, due to which your hair starts breaking down. At its place, use a specially designed microfiber towel to dry your hair. This reduces breakage and split ends.


Trim Regularly: Trim your hair from half an inch, every 2 months is very important. Many people ignoring this advice, as this results in the increase of Split ends in your hair. Then this goes to the roots of your hair, which slows down the growth as they do the damage also. By trimming your hair at the right time, the hair growth really progresses. home remedies for hair growth and thickness, hair loss in teens,hair loss 2020

Use Hair Mask: Once a week, apply a Hydrating Hair Mask. Visit the Salon or Local Beauty Store and take a hydration hair mask. For this, according to the required time, let the mask stay on the hair for that long and then wash it and clean it. This will help in promoting growth, keeping your hair strong and hydrated.


Consume Healthy Food: Its time to change your eating habits, by eating healthy. Your hair gets all the nutrition needed to grow from food also. Foods that promote hair growth include Salmon, Walnuts, Spinach (Palak), Blueberries, Sweet potato, and Greek yogurt. In addition to eating healthy try to avoid sweets and junk food. These are not only bad for our hair, for our health also. how to stop hair fall,thinning hair,hair fall,


Stay Hydrated:  Water is not only good for hair but for your health also. We all are advised to at least drink 7-8 glasses of water daily. it prevents us from many diseases. Every time you eat some food, run or jog or do some exercise, always carry a bottle of water with you.

Avoid taking other drinks such as juice, or soda with food. The more water you take, the faster your hair will grow.

Stay Stress-Free: High-stress level causes harm to health. These can slow down hair growth or cause hair loss. Find ways to reduce the stress present in your life. Try using stress techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, and meditation. If you want you can join a class or you can also find some basic techniques online, which you can do yourself at home.

Try adopting an exercise routine. Endorphins can help manage your stress and also get a lot of health benefits from it. Spending time with friends and family members also help reduce the level of stress throughout stress. home remedies for hair growth and thickness, hair loss in teens,hair loss 2020

Required Vitamins: Most of the vitamins required for hair in fruits and vegetables you eat are found. To get a little more from these vitamins, start taking them a little extra extract every day. Choose a multivitamin, or take supplements for vitamins A, B2, and E for your hair growth. Before adding vitamins to your diet, you must consult your doctor. As I always say before applying or trying anything new, you must consult your doctor first.

Which Oil is better to use for hair growth:

Benefits of mustard oil in the hair: Mustard oil is considered very good for our hair. Mustard oil eliminates the problem of weak hair and makes our hair strong. If you heat mustard oil and massage the head 10 minutes and wash it with hair shampoo after 10 minutes, it will greatly benefit the hair. bald hair, receding hairline,alopecia,tips to grow hair naturally,bald women

Benefits of coconut oil in hair: – Since ancient times, coconut oil has been considered extremely effective for our hair. That’s because of vitamins and carbohydrates present in coconut oil complete the lack of nutrition in our hair.

Massage the hair with lukewarm coconut oil and let it stay on the hair for half an hour and wash hair with herbal shampoo, not only hair will grow, but your hair will become healthy forever. The good thing is that coconut oil is good for all kinds of hair types.


Advantages of almond oil: Almond oil helps to overcome this problem of lack of our hair nutritious elements. Antioxidants, vitamin E, fatty acids and proteins present in almond oil protect your hair from cracking. On daily massage with the oil of almond oil, you will get rid of the problem of hair, as well as get rid of the problem of hair loss. tips to grow hair naturally

Advantages of watermelon seeds in the hair: Melon oil is also a great option to enhance hair glow. Omega-6, fatty acid, vitamin C, B and G, and the skin in the skin and keep the skin healthy. If you are suffering from problems like dermatitis, psoriasis, then oil of watermelon, it will prove to be the best oil enhancing your hair glow. bald hair, receding hairline,alopecia,tips to grow hair naturally, home remedies for hair growth and thickness, hair loss in teens

The last but not the least

Never Never Never, give up on your hair. Invest in your hair, it is the crown that you never take off… anonymous.

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