YouTube Hacks 2022: Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Navigate YouTube with keyboard shortcuts

Memorize these keyboard shortcuts to maneuver YouTube with ease and impress your coworkers.


Spacebar Play or pause a video
k Play or pause a video in player
m Mute or unmute a video
Left and right arrow Jump backward or forward 5 seconds
j Jump backward 10 seconds
l Jump forward 10 seconds
, When video is paused, skip to next frame
Up and down arrow Increase and decrease volume
> Speed up video playback rate.
< Slow down video playback rate.
1—9 Jump to the 10% to 90% of the video mark.
0 Go to the beginning of the video
/ Go to the search box
f Activate full screen
c Activate closed captions
Num 1 Skip 10 seconds
Num 2 Skip 20 seconds
Num 3 Skip 30 seconds
Num 0 Replay the play


You must have seen time intervals in several YouTube videos. These time intervals help the viewer jump to a specific clip section. Try this hack if you want to break the video at specific time intervals and share the clip across several mediums. Follow these steps.

How to do it:

  1. Click Share.
  2. Check the Start at box.
  3. Adjust the time.
  4. Copy the link.


Simple Info: If you can, put the time a second or two before the actual start time. That way people won’t miss a thing.


Swipe to enter full-screen mode

You can now swipe up while watching a video to enter full-screen mode, and swipe down to jump out of full-screen mode and back into YouTube’s “regular” view.

Full screen –> Hold & Swipe up anywhere on a video screen
Small screen — > Hold & swipe down.

Press 0: Replay Video
Press 1: 10-sec skip.
Press 2: 20-sec skip.
Press 3: 30-sec skip.

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