Drinking Water While Eating | Good or Bad for your health ?

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Drinking Water While Eating | Good or Bad for your health?

Drinking water while eating: Water is very important for our body, this is a very common fact to all of us. Our body is build up of 70% water. In winters, people used to drink water very less but it is very recommended to drink water in winter..

Therefore it is very important to drink 8 to 9 glasses of water every day in everybody’s daily routine, to keep our body healthy & fit.

Is Drinking water while eating good or bad?

We have always been hearing that drinking water after eating should be stopped. Yes, it is true, stop it now. We should avoid drinking water while eating a meal or even avoid taking meals after drinking the water immediately. It is not healthy. Even in Ayurveda, drinking water while eating food is considered poison.

According to them, water should be taken about half an hour before eating or drinking water after about 1/2 hours after eating meals.

What happens when we are drinking water while eating?


According to doctors, it is not right to drink water immediately after meals. Explaining this in detail, when you drink water immediately after eating, digestive enzymes become weak and reduce the time of natural digestion. They also have to say that before expelling the body, the proteins in the diet need to remain in the stomach for some time.

Apart from this, after drinking plenty of water immediately after eating, you feel hungry again and as a result, you will eat more than your hunger.

What is the right time to drink water after meals & why?

Doctors also suggest that drinking water should be avoided for at least one hour, which helps food to prevent obstruction in the natural digestive process. Gaping after eating helps also in the absorption of nutrients.

Can you drink water before meals?

Some doctors also suggested that it is good to drink water 30 mins before eating meals. It is because it helps in the digestion process.

Could it lead to Indigestion or gas formation?

The other problem is the energy of the gastrointestinal stomach that acts to digest the food we eat. It is very important to be within us, because if this energy is gradually over, then we can not digest the food we have consumed. Due to not chewing food properly, it starts rotting in the stomach and it starts to form a gas, acid.

Although this is small problems gradually can lead to a major problem. Daily gas or acidity can cause bigger infection in the stomach, which can also be deadly. So we all should be avoid drinking water while eating.

What to avoid?

We should drink water after about 30 minutes after eating our meals. Apart from this, take care of one thing, that never drinks water while standing (yep! that is some another day topic). When we drink water while standing, the water moves into the lungs and knees, causing the risk of having several problems related to stomach and joints.

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