Morning Mistakes that will affect your Health | MUST READ

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Morning Mistakes that will affect your Health | MUST READ

As our life getting busier, we are forgetting simple things in our life. We are giving main importance to our daily life routes like going late parties, using mobiles too much, eating junk food & many more. As an old saying.. Early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy & wise.

So today I am to share the top morning mistakes we do at the beginning of our day. As an old belief,  some people believe that if your day starts well then the rest of the day will go amazingly. With this thought, let’s start our today’s topic.

Many people start their morning in the wrong way by doing small mistakes, which makes them ruin their whole day. So let’s know what are those morning mistakes that we do in the morning, which we should avoid.


1. Don’t Spoil Your Mood:

People often get into a fight with their partner or with their parents in the morning. This is the top mistake among the morning mistake, we all do. This is really bad as it spoils the mood of both.

Do not fight as soon as you wake up in the morning, nor start the new day on the basis of the old fights or bad memories. Start the day with a smile and greet your partner or parents happily.


2. Do not use Bad Words:

Do not talk to people in a rigid language/abusive language by raising your voice in the morning or going home or to the office. Use simple, appropriate and positive words. Use words like “Please”, “thank you”, “Good job,” the words take you closer to people. Talk to everyone politely.


3. Watching Mirror:

The first thing, we do in the morning is to look in the mirror, which we should avoid it altogether. Vastu science believes that when we wake up in the morning, negative energy is influenced by our body, which puts the most effect on our face.

When we see the mirror as soon as we get up, the negative energy goes through the eyes,  once again inside us. That’s why we should look into the mirror only after washing our face.


4. Don’t pick Gadgets:

In today’s age, everyone from a kid to an old man, everyone is a gadget-freak in a big way. The first thing we always do is to pick our mobile or tab, just to check emails or feeds. This has become our daily routine.

Getting stuck in the computer or mobile as soon as we wake up, is affecting our health in very bad way (especially mental health). It also makes our time and day management inefficient.


5. Watching Violence:

Many kids and even adults, the moment they wake up, in the morning, just switch on the television. This is also a morning mistake to avoid. Switching on the tv and watching fights, horror shows etc makes the mind unsettled and tense.

Sometimes old people started watching the crying crystals from the morning is also bad for their health. which is also one reason, why the day passes too poor. So avoid them and relax and meditate for a while. It is also recommended not to watch such things in the morning.


6. Eating without Cleaning Teeth:

Those who wake up in the morning and start eating without cleaning their teeth is definitely planning a trip to the dentist very soon. Those people never able to stay healthy in their life. This is a very bad habit, also not recommended.

After having a sleep our mouth is full of germs & bacteria, that really needs to be cleaned in the morning. So Clean your teeth first thing in the morning. Also remember, Healthy and white teeth makes your smile more beautiful.


7. Do not Exercise:

Exercise/Yoga is very good for our health. It is very recommended to do some exercise/Yoga in the morning. You can work out in the evening or afternoon throughout the day, but it is most beneficial to exercise early in the morning.  It is very important to stay healthy & fit in long run to lead a long life.

8. No Water intake:

There are many benefits to drinking water, by which we take out the toxins present in our bodies and keep their intestines healthy as well.

Therefore it is beneficial to consume adequate water. Giving intake of 8-10 glasses of water daily keeps the intestines healthy. It also helps our body to clean internally.

9. Don’t be so fast:

Do not get out of shock: It is a slow time in the morning. Give yourself time while rising in the morning and move the muscles slowly, do not rush as soon as the day starts.

The mistakes of the morning are not having a positive effect on the quality of our day and in the long run, it has serious effects on our health and well being. Spend some time in peace, take long breaths and enjoy our nature.

10. Preparation:

Almost anything in life needs some preparation to be done WELL. The same goes for your mornings. You want to wake up with all the “weapons” in place. Like a lone ranger who’s battling against the morning clock. Your time is limited – so your best way of survival is to avoid delays and hesitations.

That means having your clothes ironed and ready, loading gas in the car, and putting cash in your wallet beforehand. It’s not just preparing for what’s going to happen – but also for the unexpected.

11. Getting Up Late:

The biggest mistake of the beginning of the day is to get late. Upon late, not only do you get delayed for the office but your day worsens. So wake up early in the morning and sleep by night. Timing is very important if you wish to stay healthy & focused in life.


Hope you all liked our topic on Morning Mistakes we all do. Pl do like & share. Thank you so much for your time. Pl do comment below about this morning mistakes topic.

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