Health Benefits of Cloves (Laung) | Cloves uses and Side Effects

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Health Benefits of Cloves (Laung) | Cloves uses and Side Effects

Benefits of Cloves: There was a time when people used to fight to grow cloves on their land. Now it is very famous & all over the world. Cloves/Laung is produced in very large scale in countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka etc. The buds continue to flow throughout the year.

Cloves/Laung’s bud is slightly yellowish, then slowly turns into a dark pink bud. At this stage it is plucked, then makes it dry. When it dries, its color becomes dark brown. This process cloves/Laung is ready to use.

There are many spices in our kitchen, which can help us with health problems. Turmeric is the biggest example of this, due to its antiseptic properties, it is used for wound healing, cure, beauty, etc.

Even I have written a page long article on Turmeric & its benefits. If you haven’t read it yet, pl read that also.

But besides turmeric there are also many spices used as medicine, cloves are one of them.


In India it is known by many names. Laung in Hindi & Urdu, Laving in Gujarati, Labang in Bengali, Lavang in Punjabi, Kirambu or Lavangam in Tamil, Grambu in Malayalam..

Cloves/Laung are full of mineral elements and vitamins. It contains Minerals, Calcium, Iron, Manganese, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sodium and zinc etc. It contains Vitamins C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin K and folate, thiamine, niacin etc. So many minerals and vitamins are combined together and its oil content gives it a special status.

Some researches show Cloves help prevent the growth of tumors of cancer. Thereby enhancing an expectation in the treatment of cancer. The results of another research show that 80% of the concentrated amount of clove oil in aspirational cancer cells causes the death of cells. Eugene found in cloves also shows anti-cancer properties. With Benefits of Cloves, let’s know the uses of Clove/Laung also..


Use of Clove/Laung:


Laung’s medicinal properties are very useful in Ayurvedic medicines. Cloves are used in medicines such as a cough, colds, allergies, muscle pains, in many types of powders such as digestion and acidity related medicines. The taste of Laung gets tasted as soon as the non-fertilizer comes to work in acidity.

Laung’s presence is very essential in our kitchens. It is definitely used as a hot spice or in some other form. Mixing cloves/Laung in food gives a very unique & pleasant change in fragrance and taste. Some people have Cloves/Laung masala in tea. Due to its hot effect(Taseer), cloves/Laung also added to pakodas in winter. A delicious salted sauce of cloves is also made.

Many companies use Clove/Laung in toothpaste, soap, cosmetics etc. to make their products effective.  In Indonesia people used to consumed Cloves/Laung’s cigarette, which is called the Cretex. There it is a tremendous trend. However, its use in cigarettes is as harmful as tobacco.


Benefits Of Cloves/Laung Ke Faide:

  • It does not allow gas in the stomach. If for some reason gas is formed, Cloves/Laung takes it out.
  • It destroys the stomach worms.
  • Clove/Laung is very effective in tooth pain.
  • Clove/Laung is even beneficial in Nausea, Vomiting, Hiccups etc.
  • Clove/Laung gives power to the liver.
  • It also increases the body’s immune system.
  • It eliminates all type of mouth smell.

Disadvantages of Clove/Laung Ke Nukshaan:

  • It dilutes blood. So if you are taking a blood dilution medication, suffer from any type of bleeding, should have surgery in near time and immediately after any operation Clover/Laung should not be used.
  • A person with the problem of reducing the amount of glucose in the blood must avoid Clove/Laung.
  • Some people may be allergic to Clove/Laung. Skin rashes, swelling, the throat may feel fractured. Be careful in such a way and if this is happening due to Clover/Laung, do not take cloves/Laung.
  • Applying Clove/Laung oil regularly on the skin may cause irritation, swelling etc. Do not use more oil.
  • Eating more cloves/Laung can damage skin and gums inside the mouth. Do not eat too much Clove/Laung.
  • It’s hot enough. The high volume of Clove/Laung can be harmful.
  • Especially children younger than 5 years should be kept away from the oil of Laung ka tel.

Clove/Laung Home Tips:



Boil 4 grind cloves/Laung in 1 cup of water. After remaining half(water), then mix sugar & filter it then drink this at night when going to sleep. Do this few days headache problem will be solved.

Tooth Pain:

Applying clove oil to the painting teeth, it gives relief from a toothache. Put 5-6 clove/laung in a glass of water and boil it. Gargle with this water relaxes your toothache.

A Pimple Near the Eye:

Rub Clove/Laung oil on the pimple near the eye, the swelling disappears.


In the pregnancy, lick 2 clove/Loung with honey, problems like vomiting, dizziness, nausea will be a relief. Or just lick slightly grind 2 cardamom/Elichi and 2 clove/laung mixed with 1 spoon of honey in water. This is very beneficial in nausea and dizziness during pregnancy.

Tips: Do not take more cloves/laung in pregnancy. As it may result in Vomiting and nausea.

Feeling Thirsty:

If you feeling more thirsty always. Put two Cloves/laungs in boiling water. Drink it on being lukewarm. Very beneficial for Fast thirst or dry mouth dryness.


Grind 2 Cloves/Laung and boil in one cup of water. When there is a half cup of water left, add two teaspoons of honey and drink it. By taking this dose in the morning, the phlegm of asthma goes out & relief to asthma.

Smelly Mouth:

After eating meals putting 2 cloves/Laung in your mouth, it stops bad smelling of mouth. If breath also smells bad, then this also cures of it.

In India, we even have songs on laung like:

Ve tu laung, ve main laachi
Tere pichhe aa gawachi..
Tere ishqe ne maari
Kudi kanch di kanwari..

Another one is

Mera laung gawacha.

Although the laung they are referring to is an ornament, but who cares. Just go with the flow of the song.



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