Amazing Papaya Benefits | Papaya Fruit

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Amazing Papaya Benefits | Papaya Fruit

Papaya Benefits: I still remembered my first time eating papaya. Just to be clear, I never ever, not in my dreams liked the papaya ever, but on that day, I had eaten almost 2 papayas within a span of 3-4 hours.

You know why? Any guesses. Well, the correct answer is that I was suffering from decreased blood platelets. The doctor advised me many things like to eat kiwi , papaya, drink goat milk, Yulk! etc. With no option left with me , I had to do all that for few days & I did. Luckily it all worked out and my blood platelets were increased & back to normal. My family praised kiwi & papaya to great lengths.

Even though kiwi was also beneficial too But I don’t like Kiwi as it dries my throat! But I continued to eat papaya, everyday again & again , developed a liking for papaya. The sour tasted thing started tasting much better and sweet. I started to inspect the fruit for its sweet smell, for its ripeness.

I even started drinking papaya juice and many more. I do want to write my full story here but it will take atleast 7-8 pages and its not even my topic today. So pl excuse me but we have to go back to the topic.


So we all know now that Papaya is very tasty (at least for me). Its trees are long, thin and soft. There are no branches in the papaya tree. Raw papaya is green when it is ready to eat it becomes yellow in color. There are black color seeds inside the papaya and a salty liquid is stored on top of the seed.

Papaya trees are found in many states of India and can be planted in any season. Raw papayas is also very famous for its vegetable and pickle. People used to make papaya chutney and kachumar are also. Consumption of papaya daily in the morning helps to cure constipation and digestion power increases.

It also good for stomach gas problem. Pepsin enzyme protein is found in abundance in papaya which is a type of digestive juices.


Medicinal Properties/Health Benefits Of Papaya:


  • Papaya (papaya) is easily digestible fruit. Papaya increases hunger and strength. It eliminates the disease of the spleen (spleen), liver (liver), pandemic (jaundice) etc.
  • Papaya is very beneficial in increasing your blood platelets.
  • It is beneficial to take papaya to remove stomach diseases. The digestive system is cured by consuming papaya.
  • Papaya juice good for, insomnia (sleeping problem), headaches, constipation, and indigestion.
  • Papaya juice good in acidity (sour belching). Papaya removes stomach disease, heart disease, intestinal weakness, etc.
  • Cooking raw or cooked papaya is beneficial for the stomach.
  • Use of papaya leaves is beneficial in high blood pressure heartbeat becomes regular.
  • Its intake fills the bruising and diarrhea and obstruction of urine is cured.
  • Raw papaya’s milk is very beneficial for skin disease.


  • Papaya seeds are destructors of insects and for regular menstruation.
  • Papaya’s milk cures pain, eliminates leprosy and enhances milk in breasts.
  • Pouring of papaya powder removes gastric irritation, wounds, tumor and indigestion.
  • Ripe papaya enhances appetite by accelerating digestive power, produce more urine, destroys urinary diseases, removes stomach problems and removes obesity.
  • Papaya stops blood coming with cough and cures bloody piles.
  • In Papaya Vitamin ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ and ‘D’ in found. It removes eye diseases, obstruction of urine, and kidney related diseases.
  • Vitamin ‘C’ is very high in papaya. It is beneficial in bone, tooth, high blood pressure, paralysis, and arthritis and vomiting.
  • For the problem of Ringworm(Datt aur khujli), Take out the milk of papaya and apply it on herpes for a few days, it is better to heal.
  • Papaya is also very beneficial for Spleen Disease. Patients suffering from spleen disease should consume papaya daily. It cures spleen diseases.


  • In Liver disease, If the liver of small children is bad,  feed papaya daily. Papaya gives strength to the liver. It also eliminates all stomach diseases.  Eating Papaya and apple, the problem of liver damage is cured.
  • For Consumption, raw papaya or cooked papaya will remove the complaint of constipation. The patient suffering from constipation should drink papaya milk every morning. It cleanses the stomach. After drinking the papaya, the complaint of constipation is solved. Mix 50 grams of celery(Ajwain) in papaya milk and ginger juice and dry it in the shade. Once dry, take half a teaspoon of it with water, just after the meal immediately. Constipation is removed from this. It also helps in the formation of gas, burning of throat and chest, lack of appetite, itching of the anus etc.
  • Grind 10 seeds of papaya in water and mix it in 4th cup of water and drink it for about 7 days. The stomach worms problem will end.
  • For children’s physical strength and length: Those children whose body length is low or weak, the body should feed papaya daily.
  • For the Indigestion problem, take half a teaspoon of raw papaya milk with sugar daily, indigestion problem is solved..
  • Old scab-itching(Purani Karish Khujli), add Papaya milk and suhaga(sohaga) in boiling water and applying it after some time on itch-itching removes herpes and itching.
  • Dracunculiasis(Naru Rog): The juice of papaya’s leaves is mixed with laudanum and after applying it, Nauru leaves soon.
  • Papaya is also very good for Cardiovascular (Heart Problem). Make decoction(Kadha) of papaya leaves & drank it, its very good for heart daily. It is very good for anxiety patients.
  • For Piles problem. Papaya is very effective. Apply papaya milk for about one month on the walnuts of piles, the wart dries away.
  • In Elephantiasis, After washing the papaya leaves in the fire by burning it on the field 3 times a day, it is fine.
  • Papaya for Menstrual disturbances, Mix 100 grams of papaya juice, 100 grams of carrot juice and 50 grams of a pineapple juice drink this every morning and evening, disturbances related to menstruation will be solved.

Harmful in Pregnancy:

Avoid Raw or cooked papaya during pregnancy. Women who have more menstruation should also not papaya. Papaya is harmful for pneumonia, leprosy and piles patients. Eating papaya seeds can lead to abortion.


Nutrient content:

Potassium 182 mg  |  Carbohydrate 11 gm

Sugar 8 gm  |   Protein 0.5 gm  |   Vitamin A 19%  |   Vitamin c 101%  |   Fiber 1.7 gm



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