Pomegranate Nutrition (Anar) | Pomegranate Benefits & Side Effects

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Pomegranate Nutrition: A saying in India is very popular – ‘Ek Anar Sau Bemaar’. Pomegranate is a medicine which is the treatment of many diseases. It is famous all over the world due to the nutritional value of its health. Along with pomegranate fiber, Vitamin C is a very good source of K and B. It contains iron and other nutrients such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, folate, manganese, selenium, zinc.

This fruit is also a good source of omega-6 fatty acids. Not only the fruit of pomegranate, but every part of it is beneficial for the health of the body. Pomegranate trees are used for all medicinal purposes, the roots, leaves, peel, seeds, etc.

Pomegranate Nutrition Main

It improves digestion power, increases semen formation, activates memory, fixes the imbalance in the body, improves hemoglobin formation and makes very good blood Is the researcher.

Let us also know the miraculous properties of this miraculous fruit in detail…

Pomegranate Nutrition Benefits:

Reduce Arthritis & Joint Pain:

Pomegranate Nutrition Joint

The problem of swelling of joints is called arthritis. Along with aging, the pain of arthritis also increases rapidly. To get rid of arthritis, pomegranate is useful as a natural treatment. Pomegranates contain an antioxidant named Flenoid which works as Anti Inflammatory Agent and reduces joint swelling and pain.

Apart from this, pomegranate also destroys collagen which enhances arthritis. If you are already taking any medication, then take the doctor’s advice before taking pomegranate or any product made from it.


Pomegranate Nutrition C

Pomegranate nutrition is very helpful in fighting cancer as pomegranate grains have an anti-tumor effect that destroys cancer-producing cells. Pomegranate extract prevents breast cancer cells from growing and destroys them. Pomegranate contains a long chain of acetic acid, omega-5 and polyunsaturated fatty acids that protect the body from breast cancer. Pomegranate juice prevents prostate cancer from growing in men.

Lower Blood Pressure:

Pomegranate Nutrition Lower

Pomegranate juice contains several types of antioxidants and bioactive polyphenol which helps to keep blood pressure in control. Research has found that hypertension can be avoided by eating pomegranate seeds.Benefits of regular pomegranate seeds or juice by consuming it for two weeks can easily be felt.

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Fight Bacterial Infections:

Pomegranate Nutrition Fight

In Pomegranate, hundreds of different bioactive compounds are found in different types of acetic acid, alginatinins, phonic acid, flone, anthocyanin, which are beneficial for health in many ways. Pomegranate is being used in the treatment of various diseases for years. Pomegranate is used in the treatment of parasites and microbial infections, diarrhea, ulcers, bleeding, and respiratory problems. Pomegranate stimulates probiotic bacteria, which enables it to fight infection and relieve us from diseases.

Keeps your Heart Healthy:

Pomegranate Nutrition Heart

A major cause of sudden death is also cardiovascular disease. Pomegranates contain antioxidants in excess of other fruits or fruit juice, which inhibits or decreases cholesterol levels in the arteries, thereby reducing the likelihood of cardiovascular disease in the person. In those who consume regular pomegranate, the probability of having blood pressure less than 12% is less than the others.

Improve Memory:

Pomegranate Nutrition Mem

Anar or pomegranate is found in the abundance of polyphenol which increases the ability to keep the brain healthy as well as remember. It is believed that the regular use of pomegranate juice or granules for four weeks is the rapid growth of speech, hearing, and understanding. It removes the problem of Alzheimer’s in the person and improves the condition.


Pomegranate Nutrition Preg

Pregnancy period is considered sensitive for each woman. During this time, slight negligence can prove to be harmful to both the mother and the infant. At the same time, in some scientific research, it is believed that taking pomegranate during pregnancy can prove beneficial for a pregnant woman.

It can reduce the risk of damage to the placenta (placenta). Pomegranate has antioxidant properties, which protects placenta during pregnancy. It is also foliate in pomegranate, which is essential for pregnant women and the health of the baby born in the womb.

Poor intake of pomegranate in the first trimester of pregnancy is better. Besides, pomegranate is also quite useful after delivery. It is believed that it can increase breast milk production.

Caution: As we said, pregnancy is highly sensitive, so consult your doctor once before taking pomegranate. Some studies have said that pomegranate can increase contractions in pregnant women.


Pomegranate Nutrition Img2

It is believed that women who consume pomegranate, can get relief from various problems occurring during menstruation. At the same time, problems related to the uterus can also be removed to some extent.Pomegranate Nutrition

In addition, pomegranate is the main source of fiber, which can also heal a yeast infection. This gives the opportunity to grow good bacteria by ending the fungus. At the same time, due to periods, women often have anemia problem. Ironically, pomegranate-rich pomegranates help them overcome this problem.

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Weight Loss:

Pomegranate Nutrition Img

You may be surprised to know that pomegranate can also be used to lose weight. The amount of fiber in pomegranate is high, this is the reason that it can help you reduce obesity. Scientific research has found that pomegranate grains and leaves have properties to reduce fat.

Kidney stones:

Pomegranate Nutrition Kidney

Some people complain about having a stone in the kidney. If you are also struggling with this problem, then take a pomegranate and see the results. By eating a pomegranate, kidney function is improved and stones and poisonous bacteria are automatically released without any treatment or medication. At the same time, the levels of acidity in the urine may also be lower.Pomegranate Nutrition

Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants, which prevents it from bacterial growth on the wall of the bladder. Also reducing the possibility of urinary tract infection. In addition, pomegranate contains vitamin C, which improves immunity, which helps fight any type of infection.

Benefits Of Pomegranate Peels:

Pomegranates are not only delicious in food, but there are many such qualities which make it a major requirement for those who want good health. We all know about the benefits of pomegranate in the increase in blood, in weight loss, reducing facial wrinkles, heart disease, fatal diseases such as cancer.

But do you know that pomegranate is as beneficial, its peels are equally potent. Today we will tell you about the properties of pomegranate peels which after knowing you will never make the mistake of throwing them.


Pomegranate peels have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to cure cough problems. Sucking the dried peels of pomegranate cures cough faster.

The skin Becomes Greasy:

Pomegranate peels have sufficient amounts of anti-oxidants which prevent collagen in the skin and reduce new cells. The use of pomegranate peels helps to reduce skin wrinkles.

Detox Does the Body:

Pomegranate peels act as a detoxifier agent, which exits the toxins present in the body. By taking powdered pomegranate with water, the body is detoxed.Pomegranate Nutrition

Beneficial For Teeth:

You can also use pomegranate peel to remove the stench of mouth and to make the teeth white and shiny. Mixing powder of pomegranate dried peels with water, rub on teeth, teeth become white and beautiful.

Acne Problem:

The problem of acne, drying the peel of the pomegranate, fry it, and grinding it on the cold and putting it on the face get rid of the problem of acne.

Mouth stings and gums:

Pour dry peel powder into a glass of water for mouth odor and gums. After that, rinse this water twice a day, it will not smell with the mouth. If gums are strong, mix pomegranate powder with black pepper powder and massage it with teeth and gums.

Strong Bones:

it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that strengthen bones, especially menopausal women. To take this, add 2 spoons of pomegranate peel powder in a glass of hot water. To make this solution, you can also add lemon juice and light salt. Drink this before sleeping at night.Pomegranate Nutrition


Make 10-gram pomegranate powder of peels of pomegranate and mix 100-gram yogurt into it, hemorrhoids recover or eat pomegranate powder of 8 grams of pomegranate, fresh water every morning and evening.

Work as Sunscreen:

The work of sunscreen can also be applied to pomegranate peels as sunscreen. Mixing dry peel with any oil and putting it on the face prevents it with sun tanning.

Beneficial For Hair:

For this, add pomegranate peeled powder to the hair applied in the hair and apply it in the hair. This stops the hair loss and the dandruff of the head is also removed. Use it 2 hours before shampoo hair.

Reduce Urination:

If you have the problem of repeated urination then,  pomegranate peels can help you. For this, make powder of dried pomegranate peels. Take one teaspoon of this powder with fresh water twice a day. This helps to relieve the problem of frequent urination.

Pomegranate for Healthy Heart:

Pomegranate Nutrition Heart

The heart is one of the most important organs in the body. With the beating of the heart, oxygenated blood is transmitted in all parts of the body, allowing all the organs of the body to function properly. By consuming too much oiled and fried foods, cholesterol gets accumulated in the arteries, which does not easily facilitate blood transfusion to the heart.

The effect of being unhealthy of the heart falls on many organs of your body, so you should include such food items in your diet which are beneficial for the health of the heart. Pomegranate consumption is beneficial for heart health. Pomegranate reduces the risk of cardiac-related diseases.

Let us know why pomegranate food is beneficial for the heart.

– Reduces blood pressure

– Protects against atherosclerosis

– Keep blood circulation correct

– Reduces cholesterol levels

  1. Reduces High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure damages blood veins Which can lead to heart attack risk. Pomegranates maintain your blood circulation right and prevent blood pressure from growing, which does not cause a problem like hypertension and the heart remains healthy. [Read also: Beverage to remove blood pressure problem.Pomegranate Nutrition
  2. Protects Against Atherosclerosis: Atherosclerosis is a health problem in which fat accumulates on the arteries of the heart, causing the risk of stroke. The anti-oxidants present in pomegranate do not accumulate fat on the arteries and it keeps the heart healthy.
  3. Keeps Blood Circulation Proper: Heart health: By taking pomegranate, blood transfusion is not obstructed due to the accumulation of fat on the walls of arteries and veins, blood circulation is not available to the heart, which is the main cause of cardiovascular diseases. Drinking pomegranate juice does not accumulate on the walls of arteries and veins, and blood transfusion increases to the heart, so the heart remains healthy.
  4. Reduces the level of cholesterol: LDL (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) contains harmful cholesterol Antioxidants present in pomegranate juice are very beneficial to reduce LDL cholesterol levels. Therefore drinking pomegranate or drinking juice is beneficial for heart health.

Pomegranate Nutrition for Skin:

Pomegranate Nutrition SKin

You know that pomegranate has the properties of antioxidant and vitamin-C. In this sense, it is beneficial for the skin.

-Pomegranates prevent the production of wrinkles from time to time by increasing the production of collagen (protein).

– Also, it is effective in dealing with nail-acne and scarring.

-Pomegranate juice also works with the finest cleanser.Pomegranate Nutrition

-Dip cotton in your pomegranate juice and put it on your face. This will reduce the impact of dust and pollution on the face. Dead skin cells also end.

-If you mix pomegranate juice in Multani soil, then the skin will look smooth and beautiful.

-Your skin is dry or oily, pomegranate is beneficial in every respect. It provides the necessary moisturizer by going deep into the skin.

-If you are suffering from nail-acne, then grinding pomegranate grains and putting them on the affected place gives relief.

Skin Pomegranate Nutrition

-If you are troubled by the problem of swelling on your face, then pomegranate is also able to help you. To get relief from swelling you apply pomegranate seeds oil on the skin.

-Mix pomegranate grains with papaya pieces to remove facial color and remove tan. Now put this paste on the face. In some days only the effect will be visible.Pomegranate Nutrition

-Pomegranate juice also works as a toner. It keeps the skin closed by holes in the pores and maintains the beauty.


Just as there are advantages of everything, so is the loss. Keep in mind that the use of pomegranate may prove to be harmful only in certain circumstances, which we are telling about here:

-Those who have constipation, cough or influenza, they should keep away from pomegranate.

-Some people may be allergic to eating pomegranate. Therefore, if this happens to you, immediately stop eating a pomegranate.

-Rashes on the body, swelling on the face, difficulty breathing, etc. may be allergic symptoms.

-Pomegranate contains high levels of calories. If you are taking low-calorie diets, do not eat a pomegranate.

-Eating more quantity of pomegranate can cause gas in the stomach.

-If you are taking a blood pressure medicine, then ask the doctor once you take it before taking pomegranate. People with low blood pressure should avoid drinking pomegranate juice because drinking it can reduce blood pressure and decrease. Therefore, there are also advantages of pomegranate juice and harm.Pomegranate Nutrition

You must have known that pomegranate is a treasure of virtues. It is healthy in every sense. If it is consumed in fixed quantities, then it can prove beneficial. After knowing the benefits of pomegranate, you should also add it to your diet.


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