15 Gym Mistakes you are doing | How to Start Gym | Beginners Workout Guide

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How to start gym-ing or how to start working out at the gym:

how to start gym trendingmantra

7 years back, the word ‘Gym’ scared me a lot. I was a person who had never ever done any exercise, ever in life. Usually, the blood runs in people’s veins but in my case, laziness runs in them. I used to bribe my younger brother with chocolate, just to run errands for me so that, I could sit like a queen all day and never had to put a foot on the ground.

One day I was shopping with my mom for my clothes and there was a dress I liked. I asked the sales girl to show me that. Sorry for the word but the B***H, just gave me the look and said sorry we don’t have this in XXL size.

I felt something that maybe I could not explain that in my words here but trust me it was heartbreaking. Tears were about to come out of my eyes but somehow I controlled it.

News Flash, I know that I am overweight, fat, You don’t have to say it loud. Even though what she said was not new to me but I don’t know, somehow this was soul crushing. We went home and I cried like crazy hugging my mom.

Obesity did affect your confidence and mental stability. Due to no physical activity or any exercise, I did gain a lot of weight and I was out of shape.

But this has to change. I was fed up of hearing people criticizing me for my overweight body, making fun of me. News Flash guys, Body shamming is never good for anyone. It could affect you a lot.

After all this, now all I wanted to do is lose weight and to get back in shape. I talked to my parents and although they did encourage me but still warned me as it was not going to be a piece of cake. But that look and the comment from the sales girl still hurt and I did want to change that. Finally, after going through a lot of yes-no emotions, I decided to join a gym.

how to start gym trendingmantra

What happens after joining. I did some mistakes in choosing my gym, what happens after choosing the gym, my goals, my fitness tips, my diet chart, my body pain, my shower room story and then how I fall in love with my gym and my newly changed body and how I become addicted to the gym. how to start gym

I will tell you all my gym stories, that’s a new topic I will be sharing some another day.

In this article, I will be sharing some fitness tips, on how to start gym as beginners..

how to start gym trendingmantra

Do you want to start a gym workout? But worried about getting hurt? Don’t worry at all, I will help you in this article on many things like which gym to choose or how much workout you should start at the beginning of the gym, what is your goal? Etc.

So what are you waiting for? Get.. set… Gooo…

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How to start gym with these workout tips:

Set the Goal:


How to work out at the gym depends on your set goal. So the first thing you need to do in workout training or strength training for beginners is to set a goal for yourself. A goal can only be achieved when you know exactly what the goal is. It can be weight loss, better body structure, bodybuilding, better stamina or just normal fitness.

It is important to set a goal initially so that all your energy and efforts can be brought in the right direction. If you are training without aim, then you are wasting your energy in the gym.

Doctor Advice:

I had seen many people, who joined the gym in excitement without giving serious consideration to their health-related problems & consulting their family doctor about it. After a few days, this leads to a very serious health problem/injury to them. So I recommended Firstly, consult your doctor. Get proper body check-up for precaution. how to start gym

Understand the needs of the body and know its medical condition. Tell your doctor about your gym membership. It’s your life don’t take this as a joke. You could even sit with the gym trainer and tell him/her about your injuries before if any.

Picking the Wrong Gym

Almost 90% of beginners choose the wrong gym. As this bad experience happens with me too. I paid 6 months fee in advance than after 2 days I feel the compulsion. Do some basic research in your neighborhood.

Well if you ask me, I will always prefer and suggest you choose a gym near your office or house, because it’s my personal experience you feel languorous going the gym, not in beginning but after 2-3 months. If its 1 hour far or 20 mins far from your place, sometimes you will avoid going there. Trust me that am fact.

Select a good gym to build your body, where you can exercise under the trainer’s guidance. Gym’s atmosphere must be good & clean along with their washrooms. Machines/Equipment must not be too old, it will be dangerous. The location should be easy to locate. So it won’t bother you daily.

Before buying membership go and explore the gym campus, talk to the trainers. If possible talk to their members & ask if they are having any trouble or not.

Warm up/Stretching:

Warming your body before and after doing any beginner workout. Warm-ups help you from muscle cramps or from breaking a muscle tendon. I know how it feels like when you just start doing gym. Full of energy, full of power just like some kind of superhero.

Stretching is also necessary for workouts. It very is essential like other sports. It also keeps your muscles strong and helps in keeping your body flexible. Strengthens the muscles gradually and light warm-up is also needed for it. The warm-up is essential to the body before making any kind of lifts. It’s very normal, even bodybuilders do a warm-up of minimum 5-10 min before heavy weight lifting.

Start Slow:

How to start working out is important. As a beginner, seeing those big body-builders, lifting heavy weights near you is so disheartening. After seeing them, you start trying so hard to lift heavy weights just to fit-in, without proper form. This will surely lead to a very bad injury to your body.

If you think of making a good body by heavy workouts on the very first day in the gym, then forget it. Remember do a lightweight workout with proper technique for the first few weeks of the gym. Have patience & remember “Rome was not built in a day”.  If you are thinking of exercising heavy-weight on the first day then forget it, because it is not recommended also as I said earlier it may hurt you also it will be waste of time.

Gym Workout Routines:

Just keep in mind that the gym workout routines could vary from person to person. It basically depends on your set goals like weight loss or bodybuilding etc. For eg gym workout plan for women who is training for almost an year would be different from beginner gym workout routine female who is just a beginner. how to start gym

Strength Training:

how to start gym

Strength training for beginners is also important, as it starts building strength which will later help you in doing some heavy lifting or machine workout. So if you have your first day in the gym, please make it clear in your mind that whatever we do workouts today, the effect will not be seen immediately. It will show some effect in weeks or months depending on your genetics, workout time and diet. So, where can you start the strength training?

Well, in the beginning, your gym workout routines should have more work on machines, as well as cardiovascular workouts. Do include these in your workout training.

You need to ask your trainer about the gym exercises for beginners. Initially, you need to understand the specifics of exercises for the right practice. Because at this time your core and joint are not strong. Therefore, with the use of machines in the beginning, it should be kept in mind that you are working in the right direction or not. By this you are strengthening your muscles and joints.

Workout Partner:

In the beginning, everyone needs some inspiration or some support to remain regular in the gym. So I suggest you make a friend, so you both guide or train each other. Making a good workout partner always gives best results. Yes, guys, it’s really the fact that if you make a training partner in the gym then you get comfort in building your body.

You feel comfortable coming to the gym and you will be also regular. Most importantly, while finding your gym partner/friend. He/she needs to be as serious as you are. Otherwise, you are better doing your workout alone by yourself.

Correct Diet-Chart -70% Diet-30% Gym:

yes, this is true. Diet is the most important part if you thinking to start the gym. Take this as serious as you need to join the gym. Many people give so hard time in the gym but don’t concentrate on their diet; it’s totally useless & time waste. Diet is necessary before doing exercise/workout and after doing exercise too. how to start gym

With the help of your trainer or dietician, make the right diet chart for yourself according to your needs/goals and follow it properly. Also, try to drink sufficient water and sleep for 6-7 hours.

Don’t be the Expert:

If you are not aware of the machine or workout don’t use it or I say stay away from it. Be patient & ask your trainer to insist you in it. Ask about it. You must know how this machine works & how it going to train your muscles. As I told you in the beginning, always do every exercise slow & easy. No need to hurry. If you are not comfortable doing that machine or exercise stop it immediately & tell your trainer about it.


How to work out at the gym is very important. As a beginner, I can understand how it feels like FIRST DAY AT GYM !!! wow. With this kind of excitement, many people do workout more than it is required at the first day or we can say they do overtrain. They think we are not feeling any kind of pain or weakness so we should do more. If you think “The more time in the gym the more early we build muscles” it is totally wrong. Even big bulky body-builders have a time limit for doing the workout. You must have a minimum 1 rest day in a week. how to start gym

Rest Day:

Rest day also plays very important in building your muscles. Even your body needs a day or so to recover from the last workout.


How to Start Gym

After workout our body temperature increases, also our body sweats. For that I advise you to take a shower. Don’t just jump into the bathroom after your workout, give it some time have some min of rest. Let your body temperature comes at normal then only.


How to Start Gym

This word attracts gym beginners very much. They think the gym is incomplete without it. You can’t build a body without it. All this is NOT TRUE. Yes, you heard it correct. I am not saying, as it is not totally required. If you really need to drink something before workout then you can have good pre-workout protein powder. It is, but not for beginners.

Take proper diet (Vitamins, Proteins, Cabs, Minerals, Fats, etc..) with proper sleep you won’t be needed for supplements as they are also not cheap to buy. But do remember, the main thing which is important is, only your Diet & workout.

Also, it’s very difficult to choose the proper & original supplements. If you bought any wrong supplement then it might be dangerous for your health as well as for your life too. So I suggest not taking any supplement in beginning. After a regular workout of min 1-2 years, you might need one, and then do proper research according to your body needs. Do consult your trainer & doctor about that product. how to start gym

Train Complete Body:

Some people come to the gym only for big chest, broad shoulders and heavy muscular arms only, not for complete body workout, that is totally wrong. It is also not advisable to train only the upper body; you need to work on your lower body also. Whatever your goal will be but don’t forget to train your legs, back too for good overall proportionate physique.

Clothes Selection:

As you have seen many people at the gym wear very tight clothes. It is not recommended. As I suggest to wear simple clothes, not tight or not too loose also don’t think about flashy clothes. In which you can do exercise very easily & comfortably with simple colors like white, grey, black etc. You can search on the internet for it. We come to the gym for exercise, not for dating.


how to start gym trendingmantra

Although gadgets are very common in the gym these days I still advise not to use them in the gym. I have seen many people come to the gym, just to click pics to post on social media. You are there to exercise, to fulfill your set goal

Exercise for Beginners (Depends On your Physique):

Instructions for Exercise:

The Exercises/Workout strengthens the overall muscle of the whole body. You do not have to do much in the beginning. Do all your exercises/workout under the guidance of the trainer. You have to gradually increase your exercise step by step.

Also, correct your diet with exercise. In the diet, you have to take protein and other healthy things. You can get help from your trainer/dietician for this. how to start gym

These are some workout tips for workout training that will help you to begin easily at any gym. Maybe going to the gym at the beginning would look a difficult thing, you will find many excuses just not to go there, but trust me it is the right thing for you and your body. After a while, you will love there and will become addicted to the gym.

Last but not least

Stay away from any kind of drugs. There are some drugs that help to make your physique muscular and stronger in a short time but they have life-death consequences. NEVER EVER USE THEM. Make your muscles and body in a natural way by workout training and strength training and exercise.


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