Amazing Benefits of Taro Nutrition(Arbi) with Taro Side effects

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Amazing Benefits Of Taro Nutrition(Arbi) with Taro Side effects

Taro Nutrition: In India, Arbi / Taro is known by many names. And it is almost cooked in all parts of the country. Ayurveda has also told a lot about Arbi / Taro consumption and its benefits. The Arbi / Taro leaves and its roots are also consumed by making a vegetable. Arbi / Taro Nutrition value has many important things like calcium, vitamins, and proteins as well as iron.

Not only this, there is a considerable amount of fiber in it. Due to the low calorie in the Arbi / Taro veg, it does not allow our obesity to grow. It also protects us from problems related to stomach disorders such as diarrhea, stomachache etc. Let us now know about the advantages of eating Arbi / Taro without delay. In this article, we are not only giving you the benefits of taro nutrition but also about the side-effects of Arbi / Taro food.


Just like potatoes, yam is grown within the soil, in the same way, Arbi/Taro is also grown within the ground. It is called the vegetable of tuber class, which is a tropical plant. People have been growing it, since ancient times. People eat the vegetable of its roots and eat it as well as made of Arbi /Taro leaves.

It is a vegetable that can prevent diarrhea, eradicating Arab blood vessels grown in summer and rainy season. According to physicians, rich in carbohydrate and protein is more nutritious than potatoes in Arbi / Taro. It keeps the brain healthy and also removes the deformity of the blood vessel.

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taro nutrition

Benefits Of Arbi/Taro Nutrition:

  1. Due to the daily intake of Arbi / Taro vegetable, milk starts producing in women’s breasts in a few days.
  2. To remove the irritation of urine, take 10-gram juice of Arbi / Taro leaves for three to four days. The effect will be seen.
  3. Arbi / Taro makes wrinkles and dryness of the skin away.
  4. By boiling the leaves of Arbi / Taro, filtering it, then adding ghee to it and taking it for a few days removes the gum problem caused by air.
  5. According to doctors, Arbi / Taro is a very beneficial vegetable to overcome the problem of high blood pressure.
  6. Eating Arbi / Taro vegetable every day in twenty-five grams is beneficial in heart disease.
  7. Taking juice of the Arbi / Taro leaves and coating on the place blood flowing out immediately stops bleeding.
  8. Take out the juice of fresh, soft leaves of Arbi / Taro and take ten grams in it, grinding cumin seeds, and mixing it together will remove the bile/chole (Peet) problem.
  9. Arbi / Taro controls the problem of blood pressure. In Arbi/Taro, there are minerals, potassium, and magnesium, which keep blood pressure in place. It is very helpful in reducing stress, regulating blood circulation.
  10. Many people suffer from a cough. Arbi/Taro has such properties that can cure a long-standing cough.

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Note: Consume Arbi/Taro in consultation with the doctor.

    • Arbi/Taro can prove to be very beneficial for those who want to lose weight, because there is very little caloric content.
    • One advantage in the benefit of Arbi/Taro is that you can consume it many times without worrying about heart or kidney diseases like weight related to fatty foods or other health problems.
    • Foods which have high amounts of fiber, are also known for promoting digestive process. Arbi/Taro has a good amount of fiber which is useful for the digestive process. It makes you realize the feeling of getting long lasting.
    • One advantage in Arbi/Taro benefits is that Arbi/Taro is one of the best sources of Vitamin C, because one cup Arbi/Taro can give up to 11% of your daily requirement vitamin c. It acts as an antioxidant to remove toxic substances from your body.
    • When there is a lack of water in the body or we drink water less then it starts irritation in urine. In this way Arbi / Taro  is an effective treatment. You should consume the juice of Arbi / Taro  leaves for three to four days in a quantity of 10 grams. This will give you relief from this problem soon.
    • If you consume Arbi / Taro , then you avoid depression i.e. the depression, and you also come to sleep very well.
    • Dietary fiber can also help reduce the chances of developing diabetes because it regulates the release of insulin and glucose in the body. If you have enough amounts of fiber, which provides Arbi / Taro , then you can manage your glycemic levels and reduce the chances of developing diabetes.
    • Those who use Arbi / Taro  in their food sometimes do not get old age soon. Because the properties present in this vegetable remove the dryness of the face and also eliminates facial wrinkles.

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Side Effects Of Arbi/Taro Nutrition:

taro nutrition

  1. Never eat raw Arbi/Taro and its plants as it contains poison.
  2. Arbi/Taro consumption is harmful to patients suffering from vaata disorders, so such patients should not eat Arbi/Taro.
  3. Arbi/Taro leaves increase phlegm, so men and women suffering from asthma should not eat Arbi/Taro leaf syrup.
  4. Apart from those who complained of knee pain and cough, they should not eat Arbi /Taro.
  5. Eating Arbi/Taro after delivery is more likely to lead to vata disorder.
  6. People with gas and constipation to do not even eat Arbi / Taro . It hurts the health.

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