Doing Push Ups Everyday Good or Bad | Benefits & Side Effects

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Doing Push Ups Everyday Good or Bad: Balanced food as well as physical exercise are also necessary to keep the body fit and healthy. Exercise can help keep the body fit and keep away from a variety of diseases. In addition, exercising regularly also increases the stamina of the body. We are talking about one such special exercise, push-ups. In this article, we will show you what push up is. It will also inform about the benefits of push-ups and how to do this exercise.

What is Push up?

Doing Push Ups Everyday

Push up is a normal exercise in which the whole body is kept straight to the ground. The body is carried up and down by insisting on the palms and the shoulders by placing the palms on both sides of the chest. At this stage, the entire weight of the body is on the palms and toes of the feet. Push-ups can help strengthen muscles, triceps and shoulders as well as increase the strength of the body.

After knowing about push ups, let us discuss different types of push ups.



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Types of Push Up:

Push ups can be done in many ways. But, here’s what we’re telling you about some of its specific and common types:

Doing Push Ups Everyday


  • Standard push up: This is the most common way to push up. The hands are placed parallel to the shoulder and some distance is placed in the middle of the legs.
  • Modified push ups: In this way of push up, the hands are also placed parallel to the shoulder, but the knees remain adjacent along the ground. For those who are push up for the first time, this method is the most accurate at the beginning.
  • Wide push ups: In this push-up, the legs are completely stretched and your body is pushed upwards by placing the hands at some distance from the shoulders. This method is also simple for people doing push-ups for the first time.

  • Narrow push up: In this method of push up, the hands are placed inward near the chest. This method may seem a little harder at the beginning.
  • Dicline push up: In this type of push-up, the hands are placed parallel to the shoulder and the legs are placed on a slightly higher table or ladder. It takes more effort to do it, but it soon shows an impact.
  • Playometric push-up: This is an advanced way to push up. While pushing up, the upper part of the body is tossed upwards and clapped. Then your hands are placed back on the ground. The claws remain adjacent to the ground.

After knowing about push ups, we will now talk about the benefits of push-ups.

Push Up Loss – Side Effects of Push Ups

Doing Push Ups Everyday

However, push-ups are considered to be good exercises, but even if it is done in a lack of information or in a wrong way, it can also have negative consequences. Here we are giving information about the disadvantages of push-ups.

  • Incorrect push-ups can cause pain in the neck, back, abdomen and wrist.
  • In addition, the wrongly done push-ups are prone to elbow injuries and there is a possibility of sprain in the body.
  • There may also be a problem of muscle stretch and stiffness.

Doing Push Ups Everyday

Exercise can be beneficial for health if it is done in a proper way. One of them is push-ups. You have known about the push-up and its benefits through the article and also received information about how it should be done. If you are going to push up for the first time, we will advise you to do it under the supervision of a good trainer. You must tell you in the comments box below about the benefits of push up and how this article was beneficial to you.


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