Health Benefits of Coconut water | Coconut Water nutrition

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Health Benefits of Coconut Water: If you want to keep yourself cool, during the summer season, then there is nothing better than coconut water. It is also good for health, known as coconut water nutrition. This is the only fruit that gives natural sweet pure water. in this article Benefits of Coconut Water, I will be sharing some very useful information..

Coconut water nutrition is best for our health as it doesn’t have any kind of chemical in it. Coconut water is not only a panacea for heat but it is capable of curing many physical problems. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and side effects of coconut water.

Coconut has an average of 200 – 250 ml of water. Coconut water contains many nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium and fiber. In addition, coconut water is also considered as the major source of antioxidant. In this context, this health is beneficial for skin and hair, which are explained in detail in this article. So let’s see how Coconut water beneficial for health.


Health Benefits of Coconut water


Healthy and Happy Heart:

If your heart remains healthy, then you can live a happy life. For this, it is important to drink Coconut water every day, as it is beneficial for the heart.

Various scientific researchers have found that the level of lipid metabolism in the body is controlled by consuming coconut water. This reduces the risk of cardiac arrest to a great extent. Also helps in keeping blood pressure normal. You can drink fresh coconut water once a day for a healthy and happy heart.

Caution: Of course, the amount of calories in coconut water is low, but there is about 5g of sugar in a coconut. Therefore, heart patients should consume it in a limited amount.


Blood Pressure:


Coconut water is also good to control blood pressure. It works precisely on high blood pressure. Many scientific researches has proven that coconut water can reduce hypertension. It also controls cholesterol and does not allow blood clots to form in the arteries.

Coconut water contains antithrombotic properties, which do not allow blood clots to form. Also, lower the cholesterol, which keeps blood pressure under control. In the problem of blood pressure, you can drink a glass of fresh coconut water throughout the day.


Kidney Stones:

Some people have problems with kidney stones. When the substances like crystal are gathered in the kidney, then they take the form of stone. Due to this, the patient has to face severe pain and also has a bad effect on health. This problem can also be overcome by coconut water.

Scientists have proved in research that coconut water acts as a diuretic. It also has antibacterial properties. Drinking it, the crystals deposited in the kidneys begin to diminish and gradually get out through the urine. This can relieve the problem of kidney stone.


Digestive System:


The digestive tract has to face problems like gas, acidity, and constipation when the digestive system is damaged. These problems can be removed from fiber-rich foods and coconut water is a good source of fiber. Therefore, it can help you to improve the digestive system. There is about 9% of the fiber in coconut water.

Therefore, if you drink a glass of coconut water daily, you can get enough fiber. The list of the benefits of drinking coconut water in this way also includes a better digestive system.


Weight Loss:


Weight balance must be balanced according to age and height in weight loss. If you are overweight and thinking about reducing it, then coconut water can be the best option. Coconut water also has properties to reduce weight.

The most important reason is that there is less calorie intake in it, which is essential for weight loss.

As you know, coconut water is a major source of dietary fiber. Fibers are gradually digested in the body, due to which you eat less and you don’t feel hungry for a long time. Therefore, you can think of drinking coconut water to lose weight.


Hamstring Strain:


The problem of stretch in the muscles due to lack of nutrients. It could be very painful. You might be surprised to know that coconut water can also help you with this problem.

According to a study, muscle cramps usually occur due to a lack of potassium in the body. Therefore, when you consume foods containing potassium, the muscles work properly. Apart from this, exercising more than necessary can also cause muscle strain. It can be corrected by consuming electrolytes.

Drinking coconut water can also be effective. In one, potassium is abundant in it and even after the exercise, it is better and safer to drink coconut water than the energy drink.



When the amount of water in the body decreases, then dehydration occurs. Basically, it is caused by not drinking enough water in the summer or in the entire day. In such a way consuming coconut water can be beneficial. It keeps the body completely hydrated. That is why the players drink coconut water after exercise or practice.

Keep in mind that when you are a victim of dehydration, the amount of essential nutrients and salt also decreases. At the same time, Coconut Water contains all the essential nutrients and natural sweet water. The body remains hydrated by drinking it (11). The list of benefits of drinking coconut water is also to keep the body hydrated.


Strong bones:


Most calcium is needed for strong bones. Especially, women have to face most of the calcium deficiency. Therefore, calcium, as well as other nutrients, is also needed to keep the bones strong.

Various researches done on this subject have found that coconut water is beneficial for bones. Scientists believe that there is adequate calcium in coconut water. It also contains magnesium, which is essential for bone health. Bones are safe when drinking coconut water during the ray period.



There is no doubt that patients suffering from diabetes are asked to avoid sweetness. The risk of blood clotting is multiplied in patients with diabetes. This condition can prove to be fatal for them.

Nevertheless, patients with diabetes may drink coconut water. Through some scientific studies, it has been revealed that fully coconut water has anti-diabetic properties. Coconut water not only reduces the amount of sugar in the blood, but also reduces the risk of formation of blood clots many times.

Caution: You can drink coconut water, but it is also important to keep checking diabetes simultaneously. Pl, consult your doctor before drinking.


Body to Detoxify:


Detoxifying your body properly helps you a lot in the long run. The detoxification process needs to be balanced. Detoxification through the detoxification of the toxic bacteria collected in different organs of the body. Also getting rid of free radicals and we feel healthy inside.

Do you know that due to dehydration, the detoxification process can also be confused? Due to dehydration, kidneys and liver cannot function properly and the toxic bacteria begin to accumulate in the internal organs. Its only treatment is to stay hydrated all the time and this work can be coconut water brilliant.

When the inner organs of the body get adequate nutrients, then they work with full potential. It does not allow the toxin to be stored inside the body. Therefore, you can take coconut water regularly. Continue reading to know the benefits of Coconut water in this article.


Immediate Physical Energy:


If you were still relying on an energy drinks to get the energy now, then change your habit now. You can drink coconut water instead.

According to scientific evidence, there are about 5 MG natural sugars in a glass of coconut water. The amount of sugar enough to increase the energy and physical capacity is sufficient. Now that you are getting so much benefit from cheap coconut water, then what is the need to drink expensive energy drinks?

Also, there is also 294 mg of potassium in a glass of coconut water, which is essential for building energy in cells.


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Better Immune System:

In addition to improving the digestive tract and hypertension, coconut water also improves your immune system. About 100 grams of coconut water is about 2.4 mg of vitamin C.

Vitamin C creates antibodies in the body, which helps the immune system to fight various diseases. As well as helping to remove toxins and bacteria from the body. It makes you feel fit inside. Coconut water is capable of fighting cold viruses. In this way, we have included better immune systems in the list of benefits of drinking coconut water.




In the summer, many people have to face a headache or migraine problem. One of the biggest reasons for this is dehydration. The best natural remedy for this is to drink coconut water.

As soon as we drink it, the body becomes hydrated. At the same time, the amount of magnesium is low in patients suffering from migraine, while coconut water is the main source of magnesium. Therefore, drinking coconut water can provide some relief to migraine problems.


Balanced pH Levels:

There are various types of toxic bacteria and chemical compounds present in our surroundings and various food items. These all make the pH level acidic in the body. For this reason, you have to face problems like joints pain, chest burns, obesity, diabetes and weakening of the immune system.

At the same time, coconut water has natural alkaline properties, which can balance the level of pH in the body. Therefore, now whenever you have chest burning and acidity etc., immediately drink coconut water.


Alzheimer’s :

Alzheimer’s may surprise you, but scientifically it has been confirmed that the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease can also be treated through coconut water.

Alzheimer’s is a cerebral-related disease, in which the patient’s memory gradually ends. One study has proved that coconut water has a type of cytokine (a type of hormone which promotes the division of cells). Trans-jet in protects brain cells from damage Also helps to improve memory.


Improves eyesight:

If you want to brighten your eyes, then drink coconut water definitely. Vitamin-B1 is essential for better eyes and brains. Vitamins-B1 have eye muscles better and night vision is even better.

Each cup of coconut water contains 0.7 mg of thiamine (vitamin B1). Thus, if you consume two cups of coconut water daily, then your eyesight can be better



Stress relief from the work of the office to the conflicts of the house, there are many problems around us, due to which we are living a stressful life. Coconut water can also help you deal with it.

If you drink a glass of coconut water daily, you will feel refreshed and the level of stress can also be reduced to some extent. Coconut water contains essential elements such as Vitamin B5, B6 and Folate, which help reduce stress levels.

All of us have a hormone called serotonin in our body, which makes our mood good and we feel happy inside. Folate present in coconut water (Vitamin B9) helps in the formation of hormones.


Coconut Water Side Effects:

As you may know, coconut water is considered to be the main source of potassium. If you consume more than required coconut water throughout the day, then the amount of potassium in the body will be more than needed.  Lets discuss coconut water side effects. This can lead to the following types of problems:


Increases Calories: Most people in the summer, use coconut water for energy supply. However, keep in mind that coconut water increases the number of calories in the body. So do not drink in excess quantity.

Durational properties: There are durational properties in coconut water; these properties will make you feel the urge to urine in a short span of time. Although coconut water keeps your body hydrated, its excessive consumption can cause dehydration

Blood Sugar:  Coconut water can increase blood sugar. Coconut water is a sweet drink, hence it has good amount of carbohydrates and calories. Those who have high levels of sugar in their blood, they should not eat it.

Blood Pressure: your blood pressure can decrease by taking coconut water. Therefore, those who have problems with blood pressure should not consume it. Coconut water works as a laxative in your body as a laxative. It can affect your digestive system. This affects your Bowel movements. Therefore you should eat it in the right quantity.


Short Side Effects:

  1. Some people may be allergic to drinking coconut water.
  2. More intake of coconut water can cause swelling in the stomach.
  3. Having high levels of potassium can lead to kidney-related diseases.
  4. Some people may increase the level of diabetes.
  5. Red blood cells may be damaged.
  6. Muscle tissue can also be damaged.
  7. It can also cause diarrhea by drinking it too much.
  8. Drinking more of it can lead to frequent urination.
Coconut Water Benefits


By reading this article, one thing is understandable that the benefits of coconut water are uncountable. If it is consumed in the right amount and at the right time, then this natural sweet water can do the work of nectar for you. Not only this, it can also cure many skin problems. Of course, coconut water is available throughout the year, but in summer it cannot be any better than a beverage to keep the body hydrated. Just keep in mind that in the summer do not drink it, rather bring it home and keep it in the fridge for a few minutes, so that it becomes potable.


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