Simple Remedy For Weight Loss with Carom Seeds | Ajwain Water for Weight Loss

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Ajwain water for Weight Loss: Obesity is such a disease that almost every 5th person is battling today. Due to obesity, you don’t have any idea, how many diseases you are inviting for yourself. Medical science also believes that the cause of many diseases is obesity. In some people this obesity is genetic, so some people have to face it because of the bad habits of food and drink.

Today I will be discussing with you about the benefits of Ajwain water for Weight Loss before that let me tell you about obesity causes.

What are Obesity Causes?

Obesity causes are numerous in number. Obesity is a condition where a person’s body gets very fat in the body, which can have a negative effect on their health. If your body mass index (BMI) is 30 or older then you will be counted among obese individuals. Speaking in normal language, obesity is the situation when the person is more or less than usual, or fat is accumulated more than usual.

Obesity causes, many diseases in the body such as breathing disorder, the possibility of getting heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases increase. Be careful if you are overweight because it can be a risk for obesity.

Today we will be discussing benefits, Ajwain water for Weight Loss. Carom Seeds/Ajwain is rich in medicinal properties. Therefore it is also called Vaidya of the house. Carom Seeds/Ajwain is said to be the king of spices, Ayurveda is also used in many medicines.

In such a way, today we are going to tell you about the use of Carom Seeds / अजवाइन which is not less than a boon for girls troubled by obesity. Carom Seeds/Ajwain is very warm, so do it only in winter.

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Benefits for Weight Loss

Ajwain water also works to reduce obesity or weight loss. Yes, quite a few people know that obesity is reduced by drinking sterilized water everyday empty stomach. Drinking this water increases the metabolism of the body, due to which the process of carbs and fat burning begins.

So if you are also troubled by your growing weight, try this recipe for weight loss, for a few days and see the results. By the way, you will only see it in 15 days but if effective results, it will take 45 days. Weight loss will also depend on your body type.

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The use of Carom Seeds /Ajwain is helpful in protecting our body from many diseases. Enhances the taste of food ajwain also strengthen the digestion. Stomach-related disorders such as acidity, constipation, gas, indigestion, constipation and many other problems are proven to relieve with this simple Ajwain. It contains protein, fat, mineral, fiber and carbohydrate in sufficient quantity. Calcium, phosphorus, and iron are also found in it.

If your kidneys have problems with the stone, it is beneficial in the use of oregano. The use of oregano also cools the pain due to the stone and also prevents the growing size of the stone.

How to make Magic Carom Seeds Drink

  • Take 25 grams of Carom Seeds/Ajwain.
  • Soak the ajwain for a night in a glass of water and then filter the water in the morning.
  • After that mix one teaspoon of honey in the water and drink empty stomach in the morning.

Consume this for 45 days continuously; this will give you the benefit in any stomach related problems and also helps in weight loss.

Remember These Tips:

To get good results for weight loss, follow some of the essential things:

  • Leave the rice completely.
  • Reduce the number of Chapatis/Roti (Meaning if you eat two chapatis, then half it)
  • Do not eat potatoes, sugar, fast food and oily, fried food.
  • Avoid drinking water for an hour after meals.


These tips are not a miracle. Like everything, weight loss also takes time. So have some patience. Keep doing exercise regularly along with a balanced diet with it. Keep your body hydrated as well.

The Carom Seeds/Ajwain hot is hot. Although celery has many advantages, due to its hot stimulus, it can sometimes cause some health-related problems. Therefore, it should be used in the appropriate amount especially in the summer.

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Carom Seed/ Ajwain Taseer

The carom seeds Taseer is warm. Although carom seed/Ajwain has many advantages, due to its warm stimulus, it can sometimes cause some health-related problems. Therefore, it should be used in the appropriate amount especially in the summer.

Last But Not the Least

Don’t skip the breakfast or any meal, just for weight loss. What happens when you skip any meal, your hunger increases and even you try to control it, but you won’t and you end up eating a lot more.

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