Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate | Nutrition Facts with Side Effects (2019)

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Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate: Those days when I was in my teenage, I saw couples giving chocolate to their loved ones in movies. I thought it was only for lovers. A boy giving a red heart-shaped box full of chocolates to a girl, it seems so romantic.

About this romantic & sexy effect, there is a simple biological reason behind it. Dark Chocolate has some magic, which influences our mood, energy level & our sexual fantasies in very appreciable ways. That means it is very beneficial for women & men too.

Everybody’s mind gets cheered up just hearing the name of chocolate because there will hardly be anyone who does not like to eat chocolate. Even people now share happiness with each other by giving chocolate on festival days.

You will often scold your children for more chocolate, and you will hear long lectures on the harm associated with them. But, do you know that eating dark chocolate benefits your health a lot?

Yes, if chocolate is consumed in a limited and controlled quantity, it can prove to be beneficial for health. Chocolate intake affects your heart, your pregnancy, skin, and other health issues.. Also, I will be sharing some dark chocolate nutrition facts in this article along with the health benefits of dark chocolate.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Nutrition Facts of Dark Chocolate:

A high-quality cocoa-quality dark chocolate, it is really nutritious, it contains a small amount of soluble fiber and it is filled with mineral elements.

Dark chocolate with 70-85% cocoa occurs in a 100 grams bar:

  • 11 Gram Fiber Iron, 67% of RDA
  • 58% of RDA for Magnesium
  • 89% of RDA for Copper, 98% of RDA for Manganese (Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA))
  • Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc, and Selenium are also found in it.

Of course, 100 grams is a very large amount and you should not consume it daily. All these nutrients are found in 600 calories and in some quantities with sugar.

Let’s know some health benefits of dark chocolate..

Nervous System:

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate contains vitamin C and antioxidant flavonoids, whose main constituents are polyphenols which prevent brain and nervous system from being dull with age. Simultaneously, protect the brain and nervous system from damage by free radicals.

It also increases the level of serotonin in the brain, which increases the efficiency of the brain, keeping it active and fast. This nervous system also helps in the treatment of disorders, such as Alzheimer’s Disease. More Benefits of Nervous System, pl read more..

Reducing the shortness of Periods:

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate
Women have to undergo periods of turmoil every month. This is not a disease, for which the medicine is eaten, so it is necessary to find relief in this problem through diet alone. Dark Chocolates may prove to be beneficial for women in Periods. Dark Chocolate has an endorphin which can help relax the problem.

Magnesium is also present in it, which has the power to keep the water inside the body. In addition, dark chocolate is very beneficial in periodic irritability and mood swings in periods. The antioxidant serotonin involved is proven to be a good treatment for irritability.

Risk of Heart Disease Reduced:

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

According to a recent study in the United States, women who eat dark chocolate at least once to twice in a week, they reduce the risk of heart disease. Such women are three times less likely to have a heart attack than others. This research was published in the American Heart Association’s journal, The Boston Study.

Research has found that women who eat dark chocolate every day have not been benefitted from this, who has been breastfeeding twice in a row. Therefore, if you want to reduce the risk of heart diseases, eat a dark chocolate rule twice a week.

Same benefits as of exercise:

Women who do not have time for exercising after completing their home and office responsibilities, dark chocolate is best for it. According to previous research, consuming a limited amount of dark chocolate can have the same effect on your health, which puts exercise exercises on your body. In this research, ‘mitochondria’, called ‘powerhouse’ of cells, was employed as a focal point. Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate


Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Coca-Cola contains caffeine (although not as much as coffee) which is stimulating in all nature, alkaloids, Theobromine and phenethylamine (an amine, especially known as reducing depression). These are very effective in improving mood and reducing depression. Coca-Cola also includes Tryptophan (which is an amino acid) which has been found to be very effective in reducing stress. Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Good For Pregnant Women:

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

If you are pregnant and you love chocolate, then this is good news for you. According to research, eating dark chocolate at the time of pregnancy keeps women happy and helps to stay healthy as well. By eating chocolate made from cocoa, helps in improving the blood flow in the body.

From this, enough blood of the mother begins to reach the fetus. In addition, the antioxidant present in dark chocolate protects the body from free radicals. The child is also free of radicals. Therefore, it should be tried that pregnant women regularly add dark chocolate to their diet.

Better Sex Life:

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Often the sex life of women eating dark chocolate is better than women who do not like dark chocolate much. Some researchers have claimed that such women’s desires are high and the level of satisfaction is very high on sex.

Sexual fantasies booster phenylethylamine and serotonin are found in chocolate, which enhances the mood.

Healthy Skin:

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Everyone wants his skin to look young and healthy. And the benefit of eating dark chocolate is that they have a positive effect on their skin. Dark chocolate consumption can prevent and reduce wrinkles falling on the face. If the wrinkles have begun to fall on the face before time, start eating dark chocolate regularly. In addition, the antioxidants found in dark chocolate are also very beneficial for the skin. Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

This increases the brightness of the skin and gives a loose stretch of loose-hanging skin. So if you think that eating chocolate will change the taste of your mouth only, then know that it is not just the face, but also the color of your face and the color will increase the chocolate.

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Blood Pressure:

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Coca-Cola contains flavonoid polyphenols, which are seen increasing the nitric oxide level in the blood, which helps in maintaining proper blood pressure. Nitric oxide is particularly useful in stopping the density of the blood or clotting and maintaining fluid, which reduces the pressure on the arteries and veins.

There is another compound called theobromine which contains diuretic properties. It is helpful in increasing urination, which also helps in reducing hypertension. Potassium present in cocoa is also helpful in reducing high blood pressure.

On the other hand, in the case of people with low blood pressure, stimulants like caffeine and theobromine help in increasing blood pressure.


Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Although stress is a part of life, tension is part of everyone’s life nowadays, but stress for working women is common. The excesses of responsibilities and expectations bring them into stressful situations. The most sensible way to reduce stress is to eat chocolate.

The sugar found in chocolate provides a sense of mental peace by reducing stress and pain. Due to this, depression and trouble are also removed. Whenever you are depressed, eating dark chocolate can do good mood. It immediately fixes the chemical depression called serotonin.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate For Skin:

Dark Chocolate is the name of the children, the elders, everyone gets water in the mouth, but the use of chocolate is no longer limited to sweeteners but it is also considered to be beneficial for the skin. So far the name of dark chocolate facials was heard, but now the waxing, body polishing, manicure, pedicure and face mask etc. are also available in the Beauty Market.

It not only removes the facial scars but also works to moisturize the rusty skin from the inside. Using this, the fine lines of the face are removed and the skin starts to glow.  Let’s discuss some more about the health benefits of dark chocolate for the skin.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Scratch Stains & Wrinkles:

Stains and injury marks are cured with existing antioxidants. To prepare its face pack in the house, add 1/3 cup of cocoa powder and add 3 tsp honey and a few drops of lemon and mix well. Now let it stay in the face for about 20 minutes. Wash the pack after a while. This will make the skin soft and the face will glow.

Dry Skin:

Dark chocolate contains vitamins, calcium, and iron. Applying a mask made of it will give you a natural glow.

To make it in the house, mix 2 teaspoon cocoa powder,

– 1 teaspoon fresh cream,

– 1 tsp honey

– 2 tsp oatmeal in the liqueur

And mix well. After putting this pack once a week, you will start to feel the difference on the face.

Moisture Skin:

There are anti-inflammatory substances in moist masks or facials made from moist chocolate, which retain moisture in the face. It does not have skin pimples and injury marks etc. In a way, the work of providing a protective shield made of chocolate. Applying them softens the face. Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Harmful UV Rays:

Protected skin protects against harmful UV rays of sunlight Women often have used sunscreen cream or lotions but there is no need to spend extra for this. Put chocolate on the house only after melting and cooling down. Wash it with lukewarm water after drying. Take it almost once a week. It also protects from Sunburn.


Use caution when choosing dark chocolate. Be the first to use caution when choosing dark chocolate. Dark chocolates filled with fried sugar and nuts make no difference to your heart. Take special care of these elements because they give you extra fat and calories.

The second thing is that it has not yet been confirmed that the amount of chocolate intake is beneficial for the good health of the heart. So, it is better than it is consumed in a balanced quantity.

So for the good health of the heart, one oz can be done about 30 grams of dark chocolate several times a week. And with that, you should also consume antioxidants such as apples, red wine, tea, and onions.

Difference between Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate & Milk Chocolate:

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Some people like chocolate so much that they keep finding chocolate flavors in ice cream, cakes, candy and other things too. Well, this happened to people’s love or we can say craziness about chocolate. But the biggest issue is, which chocolate is good for us in chocolate? White, milk or dark chocolate!

However, people’s opinions on these chocolates are also seen separately. But you do not need to worry because we will tell you the characteristics of these three chocolates.

Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is made from dark chocolate sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa solids and very small amounts of milk. It is slightly sweet and slightly bitter. In the 100 grams dark chocolate, which contains 70-85% cocoa, 11 grams of fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese is present in addition, in addition, it gets abundant in potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium. Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

It works as an antioxidant for our body. Dark chocolate keeps blood pressure neutral and protects against cardiovascular diseases and heart failure. It also keeps the blood flow correctly in the brain, removes the tension and keeps us happy.

Milk Chocolate:

If you do not like dark chocolate, you can take light chocolate. Milk chocolate contains dairy fat and milk, hence it is very creamy and light. It has been proven that by eating milk chocolate, our brain remains healthy and enhances the desire for sex. Research has found that milk chocolate is also healthier just like dark chocolate. The benefits that can be availed by this cannot be ignored.

White Chocolate:

Fat is rich in white chocolate, but there is no chocolate. It is made from cocoa butter, milk fat, milk powder, and sugar. In addition, vanilla flavors are used in it. The lecithin substance contained in it helps in increasing the weight. It is beneficial for lean people.

These are the properties of dark, milk and white chocolate, now you can eat whatever chocolate you like, the three chocolates give our body different benefits from the health perspective.

Are all chocolates healthy?

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Before you choose the chocolate to eat, we tell you one important thing. It is important for you to know that not all types of chocolates are beneficial. Nor are all types of chocolates in flavones. Due to flavonoids, the taste of cocoa becomes very tight.

While making chocolate, chocolate is passed on several levels to reduce this taste. The more processes that chocolate has to undergo, the lesser the presence of flavonoids becomes.

Most chocolate found in the market passes through many such steps. It was believed that dark chocolate contains the most flavonoids, but after knowing the process of making dark chocolate, its reality is known. The good thing is that most chocolate makers are making every effort to maintain flavonoids in chocolates. But, by then you should take only dark chocolate.

How About Calories?

About three squares of dark chocolate, equalling 37 g, make up a single serving, which contains 170 calories, 110 of which come from fat.

Is dark chocolate good for weight loss?

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

People often ask this question that is dark chocolate good for weight loss? Now take a minute here and think “Is dark chocolate good for weight loss”. Maybe, you have made the distance from consuming chocolates and biscuits etc. in your desire to lose weight. Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

One study has found that not eating chocolate does not affect the weight of the body. Researchers claim that the weight of those who eat them is faster than those who avoid these things. Let me explain.

The study says that those who control the habit of eating chocolates, biscuits, and pastries, they are consuming other things for their own satisfaction. Because of this, the level of calories present in their body is not reduced, in this case, the weight increases rather than decreasing.

On the other hand, it was found that the limited amounts of dark chocolate eaters are satisfied. It does not want them to eat frequently and their weight gets reduced. Based on this research, it can be said that limited consumption of dark chocolate is also important for weight loss.

Researchers found that during those trying to lose weight, those who did not compromise their favorite things, their weight was reportedly decreased. To find out, the researchers filled a questionnaire with about two thousand women and men. It was asked about their habit of eating habits.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Nearly 90% of those who lose weight said that they did not refrain from eating their favorite chocolate while implementing a diet plan. At the same time, those who avoided the consumption of dark chocolate have admitted that their weight increased in comparison to earlier.

As we discussed the health benefits of dark chocolate now, I m also sharing some bad effects of dark chocolate.

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Side Effects of Dark Chocolate:

On the occasion of happiness, a lot of dark chocolates, chocolate cakes, chocolate drinks etc. are consumed. But do you know that eating too much chocolate has a bad effect on your health? Yes, consuming more dark chocolate is harmful to the bones. Apart from this, it can also give many types of diseases. Let’s tell you what are the major disadvantages of eating chocolate. Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate


Nowadays, you can see children generally quite thick. The main reason for obesity increases is that children have arbitrarily cooked food. Like adults, children ’s are also fond of dark chocolate. If we increase the limit of eating chocolate more than it gives a boom to obesity and the body gets fats. Dark chocolate is a very high source of obesity. You better be eating dark chocolate in limits.


Type 2 diabetes is not only for older people but also for younger children. People who eat more chocolate, they are more prone to having type 2 diabetes because eating dark chocolate affects their body’s insulin.


If you like eating dark chocolate daily then its ok, You like the taste, very good but this is not good for the future like frequently, then this may lead to addiction. The day you don’t eat chocolate then, you may have to face many other problems. Therefore, it is very serious that you not consume more than one dark chocolate a day.

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Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolate contains many other ingredients that could cause allergic reactions. If you are allergic, then concentrate on its ingredients before eating dark chocolate or otherwise,  it may be a big problem to your health.


So many reasons to eat dark chocolate very taste also for the health benefits of chocolate. But pl. be careful,

“Your love for the dark chocolate, should not turn into dark addiction”. I mean eat it, enjoy it but all within limits. Because an excess of everything is bad. While eating, do share your favorite reason with me. I would love to read your thoughts on this.


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