7 Simple Foods | How to get Glowing Skin Naturally

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7 Simple Foods | How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Get Glowing Skin Naturally: Skin is considered one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Everyone’s wish is that his/her skin always stays healthy and glossy. In this article, I m going to share some skin care tips to get glowing skin naturally.

But using fairness creams is not the proper solutions to it. Your medicines/ fairness creams do not make your skin shine but your health definitely gets spoiled. The diet for glowing skin naturally plays a very important role.


To keep the skin healthy and shiny, our body needs different types of nutrients. You need to take special care of your diet for those you can not fill with medicines. Everything you eat only affects your skin. You can maintain shiny and healthy for your skin.

Today we are going to tell you about some of these 7 food items to get glowing skin naturally. These Foods are very commonly used to help us in taking skin care.  Skin is the most sensitive part in our body.


Skin Care tips to get Glowing Skin Naturally:


1. Spinach / Palak:

As we all know very well that Spinach is a very good friend of Popeye. In spinach, adequate amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E are found, as well as many important nutrients and minerals. The spinach helps in maintaining the pH level of our skin and does not even cause problems of acne. Use the spinach as a salad or as a vegetable, it helps in making your skin healthy in every way.

Due to Vitamin B in the spinach, it protects our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Which is considered to be the cause of skin cancer. With the help of these properties found in the spinach, you can also reduce signs of aging. Not only this, but the properties of antioxidant are also found.

Those who destroy the harmful elements present in our body. Vitamin A in the spinach makes our skin tone looks good, the second and vitamin C helps to make the cells present in our body healthy. This is the very important diet for glowing skin.

2. Walnut/ Akhrot:

Stress is considered to be the biggest enemy of the skin, due to which the wrinkles on the skin begin to fall. Not only this, there are many other types of skin related problems too. Vitamin B is also found in adequate amounts in the nut, which help in reducing stress.

By the way, you must also believe that by reducing the level of stress, our skin remains healthy. Not only that, vitamin E is also found in the nut which helps in reducing stress, along with Vitamin B.  Must add Walnut in your regular diet for glowing skin in long run.

Well if you have dark circles under your eyes then you can reduce them by using walnut oil. Not only this, if you use it for a few days regularly, it can also reduce swelling around your eyes.


3. Kiwi:

Kiwi is known,  as the fruit of New Zealand that helps in increasing blood platelets also.. This fruit helps in keeping our skin healthy and shiny as well as being very tasty. Properties of vitamin C, E and antioxidants are found in Kiwi. Which help in keeping our skin very healthy and moistured.

By the way, adding the fruit to your food diet keeps your stomach clean. Not only this, if you consume it regularly, then it helps to remove all types of toxic substances present in your body.

Not only that, Vitamin E found in this helps to moisturize the skin. another healthy benefit of  Kiwi is that it helps in the process of renewal of skin cells. Vitamin C is considered to be the production of collagen, which helps in maintaining a healthy and shiny skin for a very long time. Kiwi is best to get Glowing Skin naturally without using any fairness creams..

4. Tomato:

Tomatoes are very beneficial for our skin, whether you use it as a juice or as a salad. Vitamin C is found in sufficient quantity in tomatoes. Which helps to maintain the brightness of your skin. In fact, if you use tomato seed oil, it can also reduce the problems of aging.

Not only that, the problem of psoriasis and eczema is also treated with tomato seed oil. Tomatoes are also found in vitamin A and C, mostly used in acne medicines. This is why Tomato is also very beneficial in the treatment of acne. A research combines elements called lycopene that life found antioxidants in tomatoes by which acts as a natural sunscreen and protects our skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

5. Dark Chocolate:

We know you will be surprised at the name of chocolate, but it is true that with the help of dark chocolate, you can make your skin healthy and shiny. Apart from this, there are also properties of antioxidant in chocolate, due to which it also provides minerals like zinc, iron, and copper. With the help of these minerals, our body helps in the development of cells.

6. Sweet Potato / Shakarankand:

Shakarkand is a healthy form of potato. Unlike potatoes, sweet potato is very nutritious and also good for your health. Omega 3 fatty acids, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, vitamin A, B, C, E and K, and zinc are found in sufficient quantity in the sweet potato. Fibers found in sweet potato help keep our body healthy and also help in the removal of toxins present in our body.

In addition, beta-carotene and anthocyanin are also found in natural sweeteners. Beta-carotene helps in the treatment of various diseases like heart disease, cancer, and cataract. While the anthocyanin help fight pigmentation.

7. Almond/Badam:

Almond is considered to be the most beneficial food, with the help of it, our skin becomes shiny. Almond is very good to get Glowing Skin Naturally. Omega contains 3 fatty acids in almonds, which helps regulate blood sugar levels, in addition to helping to reduce fat in the body, reducing blood pressure and maintaining fat in the muscles. It improves disease resistance power also.

Almonds are also used as a large source of protein. Proteins present in almonds, magnesium helps cells gain energy. Not only this, stress helps in reducing the bad effect of the hormone cortisol, which also reduces the problems of aging.


Hope you liked our tips to get glowing skin naturally. These are very commonly used skin care tips. Add these things in your diet for glowing skin. Pl do share & comment below.


All the materials here are provided for information and enlightenment of readers only. We kindly request you to contact your doctor before trying any of the solutions given here. Your doctor knows better about your health and there is no alternative to a doctor’s advice. If you have any health loss or any kind of loss due to the use of any given remedy here, then there is no moral responsibility for

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