Basil Seeds Benefits | Tulsi Leaves Benefits With Side Effects

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Basil Seeds Benefits | Tulsi Leaves Benefits With Side Effects

Basil Seeds: Before I start this article, I want you to

know that this article credit goes to my Mom . Yes, That’s true.

Today I spent at least 3-4 hours, just to write an article but nothing, I was blank. Then suddenly my Mom called me. She called me 2-3 times but I tried to ignore her as I was deeply invested in my thoughts on writing an article. The fourth time she called, I noticed the change in her tone, the sweetness of her voice was turned into an anger-ish tone.

I ran as fast as Flash (the superhero).I reached the kitchen. I felt like the sudden rise of temperature in the kitchen. I politely asked my mom, the reason for calling me. She was staring at me with wide eyes. I felt like a prey, which predator my mom, is going to grab any second.

There was pin-drop silence in the kitchen. Bring some tulsi leaves from aagan(front yard) she ordered angrily. I again ran like Flash, just to leave the kitchen. I went to the front yard, took the tulsi leaves and as I was about to go back, a thought strikes me. This is it. I said to myself in a joyful voice. I walked back happily, gave the leaves to my mom and hurried back to my room to write an article, which all of you are going to read now.


Basil Seeds: Basil also called tulsi, is an Ayurvedic herb, which has been historically used for the treatment of various types of diseases. Tulsi is considered as the holiest in India and even in the name of Tulsi, the marriage of Puja, Vrat and Tulsi is also done. This plant is found in almost everyone’s house, even I have one in my house. Basil Seeds is usually taken in supplementary form or as a basil/tulsi tea.

Basil/Tulsi is considered as an adaptation. It is used as a natural remedy for anxiety, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, unbalanced blood sugar, and acne. Mainly the tea of Tulsi supports the immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, and nervous system.

It is very useful in removing many types of diseases. And signs have also been described as beneficial for the human body. In Ayurveda, every part of the Tulsi plant is said to be beneficial in terms of health.


Benefits of Basil/Tulsi:

1. For Acne: Basil/Tulsi kills bacteria and infection; hence it is a great natural home remedy for acne and other skin tests. The primary campus of the sacred Tulsi oil is Ejunol, which helps in widespread many skin disorders.

2. Diabetes: Basil Seeds has the ability to control the level of blood glucose. Basil/Tulsi can reduce blood glucose, correct abnormal lipid profiles and prevent liver and kidney from metabolic loss due to high glucose levels.

3. Hormonal Balance: Basil/Tulsi has an amazing ability to control the level of cholesterol and keep the level of naturally balanced hormone.

4. Relief from Fever: Basil/Tulsi leaves act as an antibiotic, creature diseases, and disinfectant agents. They protect us from bacteria and viruses.

5. Fight Cancer: Regular consumption of basil is less likely to be immune to compromise and development of cancer cells. According to research, photochemical in Tulsi helps to prevent chemical-induced lung, liver, oral and skin cancer because they increase the antioxidant activity, change healthy gene manifestations, stimulate cancer cell death, contribute to cell growth Giving blood vessels prevent growth and prevent metastasis. Basil Seeds radiation helps protect your body from toxicity and also fixes damage caused by radiation therapy.

6. Teeth Care: Basil has the power to fight the bacteria of your mouth, causing tooth problems, such as a cavity, plaque, tatter, and bad breath. Basil leaves are also helpful in keeping moha fresh. Basil can help reduce ulcers in the mouth, and it prevents the development of oral cancer cells due to tobacco chewing.

7. A headache: Due to its sedative and disinfectant properties, it is a natural headache remedy that can help in migraine pain. This is especially effective for headaches due to sinus pressure. Basil and anti-congestive and help in the construction and reducing stress due to sinus issues.

8. For Eyes: Tulsi helps in the fight against conjunctivitis (pink eye) and boils. Due to its adverse and soothing properties, it helps in protecting your eyes from environmental damage and free radicals.

9. For Respiratory Disorder: Basil Seeds usually helps in reducing almost all kinds of respiratory disorders, including bronchitisa and deep cough. Tulsi’s components such as cantonment, eugenol, and cineole provide relief from the symptoms of closed nose and other respiratory disorders.

10. Good source of vitamins ‘K’: Vitamin is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in health and cardiovascular health. Vitamin K is helpful in maintaining a healthy metabolism and cellular health.

11. Love Life: According to Ayurveda, basil seeds is very helpful in promoting health as well as generating general health benefits. Tulsi is considered a symbol of love for centuries.

Those who believe in Ayurveda believe that the aroma of Tulsi enhances blood flow and energy levels in the body which promotes libido and stimuli. In Ayurveda, Tulsi is used as an aphrodisiac. In Hinduism, Tulsi is considered to be lifelong of life and it is used to promote healthy sex and enthusiastic mood.


Due to the healthier benefits are hidden in this magical herb, we like to plant basil in our garden. In fact, we worship this Tulsi plant. In Ayurveda, there has been a great statement about the benefits of Basil. Basil seeds helps in fixing small to large diseases, but it may have some side effects like every substance. So it is very important for us to know about them…

Side Effects Of Basil/ Tulsi:

1. Dilutes Blood: Your blood may become thin by consuming more basil/Tulsi. For this reason, patients taking medicines such as valfurin and heparin should not eat basil/tulsi because basil can increase the speed of the properties of diluting the blood present in these medicines. This speed can cause a major problem. In addition, Tulsi should not be taken with other anti-clotting drugs.

2. Hypoglycemia: Hypoglycaemia is a health problem in which the patient’s blood glucose levels are abnormally low. Often, patients consume basil to reduce their high blood glucose level. If diabetics and hypoglycemia patients consume basil with medicines, their blood sugar levels may fall further. So it will prove to be very dangerous.

3. Can Affect Fertility: the consumption of basil may affect the reproductive power of men. There was also a test on rabbits to check this argument. For this, rabbits were divided into test groups and general groups.

The rabbits with the test group were given two grams of Basil leaves for 30 days to eat. Thereby, there was a significant reduction in the number of sperm count of rabbits of the test group.

4. Bad for Pregnant Women: If women consume more basil in pregnancy, then its effect can be seen on both mother and child. By eating basil seeds, the pregnant women can cure the uterus. This can cause problems during the birth of a child and in future, it may be difficult in menstruation. Apart from this, pregnant women with Tulsi are also likely to have some reaction.

5. Drug Interaction: Tulsi consumption can cause obstructions in the process of some medicines in our body. ‘Cytochrome P450’ – This can be proved by using the liver enzyme system. Diazepam and Scopolamine are two such drugs that help to reduce anxiety, vomiting, nervousness.

But basil can reduce the effect of these two drugs and this can lead to an increase or decrease in the level of medicines in the blood.

6. Surgery: Do not eat basil after surgery Those people who have undergone surgery should refrain from taking basil. Tulsi has the properties of dilution of blood, so the wound will not be properly cured.

7. Cancer Possibility: AstraGol present in Tulsi is considered a harmful substance. And when we eat it in excess, it hurts more. Not only this, but the risk of cancer is also increased. Cancer can be cured in some cases, so basil should eat carefully.


Even if natural substances have the ability to cure many diseases. But, this does not mean that we will not have to face any side effects due to its excessive consumption. Therefore, we should have knowledge of their qualities and weaknesses.

How to consume it-

Boil Carom Seeds – Ajwain with water and boil it. Then filter that water and drink it or take it with jaggery.


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