Best First Date Ideas: What to do on a First Date | Best First Date Ideas

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Finally, I m writing on relationships. I am also sharing some of my life experiences. This will definitely help you.

The first date is always special and memorial experience in our life. So everyone wants to make it perfect, wants to make a good impression on another one.Best First Date Ideas

So today, I am going to share some tips to make your first date, the most beautiful memory of your life.

At that age, we often make many types of mistakes, due to which our image gets spoiled in the eyes of the other one and we fail to impress them. There is a strange nervousness in both boys and girls about this meeting. With the help of this article, know how to make your first date special.

Dressing Style:

Always Dress properly, whether you are going for a date or for any meeting. Choose your clothes wisely. If you are having difficulty in choosing clothes, consult a member or your friends at home. Avoid wearing gaudy clothes for this first date. what to do on a first date

Tip for Everyone:

Please don’t wear gym clothes on your first date. Spend some money and buy something nice to wear on your date.

Buy a Gift:

First date or third, giving a gift is a very good option. Don’t forget to take a gift for the person you going to meet.Best First Date Ideas

Who doesn’t love surprises..

A survey conducted in New Jersey confirms that people immediately get 50% impressed if you get them a gift.

For starters, you can give her flowers or you can give her some chocolate or something u might think he/she would be happy to have. As you both get to know each other, you will know that he or she likes then choose accordingly. He/she will be very happy to see you with a gift. what to do on a first date, kiss on first date,


It is the first thing someone special will notice about you in your first appearance.  So you must, must dress properly. People don’t consider this as very important but me as a girl.. gives a lot of importance on his dressing and how he smells. Don’t overdress. what to do on a first date

Tip for Everyone:

Just wear that dress/clothes in which you feel comfortable.

Time Punctual:

Leave a little early from your house to reach on time at the decided venue. Nobody likes to wait. Making other one wait doesn’t earn you extra respect. So be on time. Best First Date Ideas

Tip for Everyone:

Pl. be on time. if you ask me I will reject a guy on first date if he comes late more than 20 mins..

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Things to Remember:

Before you say anything, just think that what you are saying, should be not offensive for her/him. Don’t crack silly jokes in front of her/him. You should keep this in mind that you should not only talk but listen also. You have to do things that will strengthen your relationship, not to break the relationship. You can talk to them about their career, job, friends, family, weekend, etc. Do not do any such thing that makes the other one feel that you are showing off.

Tip for Everyone:

A good sense of humor is good but making fool of yourself or the other one is not a good thing.

So be careful, what you say.


If you look good, most people give a compliment, this is nothing new. But, if you like someone, compliment him/her in some special way. If you are referring to her beauty, do it well. Rather than saying a cheap pick up line, try to compliment him/her from your heart.

Avoid Personal Touch:

Girl/Guy on a date does not mean that he/she is already yours. He/she has enjoyed talking to you so he/she has come to meet you. Handshake and hug (if both are comfortable) at the beginning of the meeting are good. But I had seen many people who started being very personal or we can say very touchy in a first/second date. That might be not good. Some people go ahead for what they do, but it is not appropriate to behave like this in the first meeting.Best First Date Ideas

Tip for Everyone:

Behave properly and appropriately.

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Hope you all like my topic on Best First Date Ideas. Pl do give your comments below also it would be really nice if you share this article with your friends & family. Pl stay connected with me, So you can also read my more upcoming article on health & fitness. Thank you for all your love & support for this Best First Date Ideas.

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