Benefits of Ghee | How it Effects on your Brain & Nose

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BENEFITS OF GHEE: Ghee is a rich source of nutrients and active essentials; it is used in preparing Herbal Medicines. Ghee is a very powerful remedy to remove stubborn toxins which are usually very difficult to remove..

If we talk about organic Ghee, it gives ideal health benefits to our body, because the organic process includes the removal of harmful pesticides, contamination, and substantial metal. Ghee, made of milk, contains many beneficial elements into it which is very good for human health.


Ghee in the diet is beneficial for Brain:

Cow Ghee in the diet is very useful in many ways that help in the intellectual improvement of the consumers, for both students and seniors. Ayurvedic doctors even prescribe ghee in diet, they include a sufficient quantity of ghee in student’s diet plan to improve concentration power.

Consumption of Ghee in the diet is the best way for the development of the mental ability of a person along with providing daily nutrition to the body. If we consume ghee of the cow, it is the best for the health of ghee consumers. Ghee has very beneficial healthy elements which overall are very good for the human body, the brain is one of them.

Not medically proven but this is approved that students should be given a diet which contains ghee, helps in:

  • Increasing the level of concentration power
  • Better power of memorization
  • Natural prevention from dementia of seniors
  • Better cognitive ability, which will help in managing the study, etc.


Those were some benefits of ghee for brain, lets discuss some benefits of ghee for nose..

Benefits of Ghee for Nose:

Many experts recommend ghee for curing nose related problems which you can apply in your homes as well. Ghee has numerous benefits for nose, some of them are:

  • Ghee is a primarily cure for cold, sinus as this therapy connects your nose, throat, and head.
  • Ghee helps in lubricating your neck muscles, throat, and nose and gives relief.
  • It helps in healing numerous body pains, such as headaches, migraine, and cervical spondylosis.
  • The nasal is connected to a specific part of your brain that can help in improving your eye vision. It can also help with memory improvement and concentration.
  • Regularly pouring few ghee drops helps in boosting your immunity power and protects you from cold, flu, seasonal viral, and fever.
  • Two drops can help you in elevating your breathing problem and relieve you from stress as well.

Pouring cow ghee in the nose is not suggested in the rainy season or thrilling winters. Even if you have a cough, sinus and cold problem, you should avoid it.


If you are wondering how small drops of cow ghee in the nose can affect in so many ways, let us clear little fact to you behind the connection of nose and brain.

Your nose is the window of your brain. All the harmful constituents that arrive at your nose reach your brain. Hence, you should take care of what your nose exhales. The nasal route affects your brain in a way you don’t have any idea about it. You need to pour some desi ghee to keep your nose to brain routes clear.



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