Windows Tips and Tricks 2022: Shutdown in 5 seconds You Probably Didn’t Know

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The most reliable Windows 10 and Windows 11 sleep shortcut isn’t a true keyboard shortcut. Rather, it’s a quick sequence of keys. However, because it works without any setup and while using any app, it’s the best method to put your computer to sleep quickly, in most cases.

To start, press Win + X to open the Power User Menu. You’ll notice underlined characters corresponding to shortcut keys for the options on this menu. Press U to expand the Shutdown or sign out section, then use one of the following keys to shut down, sleep, or perform other power actions:

  • Press U again to shut down Windows.
  • Hit the R key to restart.
  • Press S to put Windows to sleep.
  • Use H to hibernate.
  • Hit I to sign out.


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