Cardamom Benefits or Uses | + Side Effects of Cardamom/Elaichi

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Cardamom Benefits or Uses | + Side Effects of Cardamom/Elaichi

Cardamom Benefits: I used to think that Card-a-mom means give your mother a card. It took a while for me to understand that cardamom is used in Kitchen etc. And then I learned that Cardamom and elaichi are not different but both are the same. How silly of me?

Cardamom benefits are many in number. But let’s start with basic, that it is used to enhance flavor, add aroma and spices in the food. It is used in almost all houses and easily found in all the kitchens. Cardamom/Elaichi has been used since its ancient times due to its good quality.  Cardamom/Elaichi is also used in addition to food, such as in tea or milk recipes.

This makes the recipe smell and tastes too high. Even if Cardamom/Elaichi is added to rice, rice becomes aromatic and it tastes very good at eating. Cardamom/Elaichi is often used in the Biryani. We use Cardamom/Elaichi to clean mouth or just for fun.

Cardamom/Elaichi intake is beneficial for health, but excessive intake is not good.  Cardamom/Elaichi is used in making sweets and making tea due to its pleasant aroma and good taste.

Many people use Cardamom/Elaichi to remove the stench of mouth or keeps as breath fragrant. Chewing this gives relief from such problems. There are so many properties in it that are extremely beneficial for us.

Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of Cardamom/Elaichi.The medical benefits of Cardamom/Elaichi that can help you get rid of many problems.

It is amazing to know that Cardamom/Elaichi is beneficial for us in many unique ways that we even can’t think of. So let us know what benefits we can get from Cardamom/Elaichi:

Here are some Cardamom Benefits:

Male Impotence:

If you consume Cardamom/Elaichi with hot water or milk, then the impotence of the male can be cured.

Improves Physical Weakness: 

For those who are physically weak, Cardamom/Elaichi is not less than sage medicine.

Rich In Potassium & Fiber: 

Potassium and fiber in Cardamom/Elaichi are abundant which keeps our blood circulation fully maintained. Therefore, cardiovascular consumption helps in controlling blood pressure. Thus in controlling blood pressure, Cardamom/Elaichi is very beneficial.

Deficiency Becomes Distant:

 Consumption of Cardamom/Elaichi increases appetite. Along with this, the level of energy in the body is also correct.

Any Other Weakness: 

Any weakness is cured of Cardamom/Elaichi. If there is physical weakness, then daily Cardamom/Elaichi should be consumed before sleeping. Even if you do have any other weakness, it is beneficial to eat Cardamom/Elaichi before sleeping.

Weak Digestive System: 

 Many people complain about the poor/weak digestive system. They often get sick due to wrong eating habits. So don’t worry now. If you are suffering from a weak digestive system, Cardamom/Elaichi is also helpful in correcting the poor/weak digestive system. Those who consume Cardamom/Elaichi every day, their digestive process improves.

Stop Hiccups: 

One of the unique benefits of Cardamom/Elaichi is to stop hiccups. Many times sudden hiccups occur in our body, there is no medicine for it but press it in a Cardamom/Elaichi mouth to stop it immediately. Hiccup will stop.

Blood Pressure Control:

BP patients should take Cardamom/Elaichi after eating because Cardamom/Elaichi has the ability to control the blood pressure.

Urine Infection: 

If the Cardamom/Elaichi is consumed daily in the problem of urine infection, then is very beneficial. This improves the problem of infection rapidly.

Bad Taste: 

Whenever you have a bad taste or unpleasant mouth smell, then chewing Cardamom/Elaichi will feel good in a little while and improves your mouth taste/smell overall within some time.

Relieves Tension: 

A Cardamom/Elaichi can remove your tension; Different types of hormones are released from chewing Cardamom/Elaichi or drinking Cardamom/Elaichi tea, resulting in tension completely disappearing.

Increases Sex Life: 

Taking Cardamom/Elaichi increases sex life. It also relieves from the problems of dreams and impotence. Boil the Cardamom/Elaichi in milk, boil it well after mixing it well and drink it regularly before sleeping. You see that your sex life will increase.

Relief in Blisters:

Another unique benefit is If you have blisters in the mouth, chewing Cardamom/Elaichi with sugar candy(Misshre) gives relief

Helpful for Small Children

When boiling the milk for small children, add a large Cardamom/Elaichi in it too. This will not form gas in children and their stomach will be fine

Stop Vomiting: 

Boil 5 gram of Cardamom/Elaichi in half a liter of water, when water remains one fourth, take it off. By drinking this water the vomiting stops.

Eaten More Than Needed:

If more bananas are eaten, then immediately after eating a Cardamom/Elaichi, the bananas will be digested and you will feel lighter when you get away from your dysfunction.


Obesity is one such problem that every third person is suffering today. If you also want your obesity to decrease quickly, then in the morning you should eat empty stomach two Cardamom/Elaichi. If you regulate for a few days, your obesity will definitely decrease. Because sodium is high in Cardamom/Elaichi, which licks your fat from inside. Cardamom Benefits

As we have already mentioned in Cardamon Benefits, the process of Cardamom/Elaichi is hot, so eating more quantity of Cardamom/Elaichi can cause a reaction in the body or there may be some kind of allergens, which can cause itching, red spots in the body, therefore eat it but in a controlled manner.

If you are taking any kind of medicines, many times Cardamom/Elaichi can react with them and cause other illness. Or you can stop the effects of medicines so that such people should give up eating habit of Cardamom/Elaichi.

Elaichi Side Effects:

It is also used in the treatment of many diseases as a home remedy, but do you know that excessive consumption of Cardamom/Elaichi can also be harmful to you. Let us know what side-effects of excess intake of Cardamom/Elaichi are needed.

  1. Allergy: Some people have hyper-sensitive to Cardamom/Elaichi, so they may have to face a problem like respiratory allergic intake of Cardamom/Elaichi. In such a situation, breathing, sourcing, tightening of the chest, and the difficulty of having a throat and chest pain may have to face. So eat only a limited amount of Cardamom/Elaichi. At the same time, it also causes skin scabies, skin fibers, and red spots. Cardamom Benefits
  2. Reaction: If you are consuming medicines, avoid using Cardamom/Elaichi. Because the risk of reaction with enzymes present in Cardamom/Elaichi, along with the salts of medicines, is born.   Therefore, the use of Cardamom/Elaichi should not be used for medicines.
  3. Gastrointestinal Problems: Gastrostomy may be formed due to excessive consumption of Cardamom/Elaichi because your digestive system does not succeed in the digestion of Cardamom/Elaichi due to excessive consumption of Cardamom/Elaichi, hence it is also the problem of having a stone in gallbladder ie cheek bladder Might be possible. If anyone has any kind of kidney-related or gallbladder problem, then he should avoid eating Cardamom/Elaichi. [Read also: Health Benefits from Lead Tree]
  1. Swelling in the skin: If your body is sensitive to Cardamom/Elaichi then you should not include Cardamom/Elaichi in your daily diet. This can be harmful to your skin. This can cause inflammation in your skin as well as pain problems. This problem is high in winter, so do not use it excessively.
  2. Dizziness & Vomiting: If you consume more than the requirement of Cardamom/Elaichi seed, it can have many side-effects. It can cause gestation and vomiting.



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