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Curd Benefits: We all love to eat curd while eating breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just itself. Mine is having curd with allu paratha. Curd tastes so good and it is also very nutritious along with this, it’s also hugely beneficial for your health.

Curd not only taste delicious also there are so many benefits of curd that we all are not aware of. In this article, I m going to share some curd benefits..

Curd also is known as Dahi in India,  can save you from many diseases. The curd is digested easily, as compared to milk. There are many nutrients found in dahi/curd, which are the ones that make us stay healthy & fit.

As we discussing the healthy benefits of curd, it doesn’t mean we should be eating curd all the time. As an old saying that excess of everything is bad. The same applies here. Curd should not be taken in excess quantity.  You can take 250 grams of curd/dahi at one time.

Adding curd/dahi in our breakfast diet is very healthy but to get the more benefits of curd but it should be avoided at night.

The use of curd helps largely in high blood pressure, kidney diseases etc. Dahi/Curd is very beneficial medicine for the people of every age. Curd/Dahi reduces the chance of heart attack. It is highly recommended for the patients with a kidney problem.

The properties present in curd do not allow cholesterol to rise in the body, it regulates cholesterol, which reduces blood and its effect remains dynamic due to which serious illness like a heart attack can be found. Lets share some few benefits of curd that you be very beneficial..


Few More Curd Benefits:

  • Indigestion is very common in all the ages but mostly in old ages. People eat very little food just to avoid indigestion. By adding roasted cumin seeds, and black pepper in the curd, the problem of indigestion is cured and food will be digested quickly.
  • Apply soft leaves of banyan on the burnt area of skin with mixing dahi/curd in it, gives a lot of benefits.
  • Helps in making lips bright and soft. Add saffron/Kesar in the curd butter then massage it gently on your lips, it fairer the blackness of the lips, so our lips look soft and pink.
  • If it is troubled by the problem of itching, then apply curd on the affected area gives a lot of benefits.
  • Mix curd/dahi and gram flour on the face and wash the face with cold water after drying. After doing this for a few days, you will feel the skin of the face softer. Acne & pimples removed and the face becomes fair and shiny.
  • Make a lassi of curd/dahi and drink it by mixing it with black pepper powder, and the problem of bleeding from the nose is eliminated.
  • If having worms in the stomach, mix some honey in curd and drink it in the morning and evening, it will destroy the stomach worms.
  • Many people have trouble getting proper sleep, To deal with this, add saunf, sugar, and black pepper to the curd and eat it in breakfast or lunch, it is very good in insomnia.
  • To cure any kind of cold, eat jaggery and black pepper powder in the sour curd.
  • If you are worried about the body odor, mix curd/dahi and gram flour well on the body and then take a bath. This will remove the body odor and make the body shiny.
  • Mix curd/dahi with banana, very useful in diarrhea.
  • For diabetic patients, the curd is a very effective recipe, for this, you should take a mixture of vinegar with curd and eat it.
  • If your hair is getting white, brittle and lifeless, then squeeze 10 grams of black pepper and one lemon juice in half a cup of curd and apply it on hair for 20 minutes after that, wash the hair thoroughly. About hair problems, curd benefits are best known for its solution. Everybody know the benefits of curd for hair problems.



  • The Curd is very beneficial for piles patients, daily intake of curd stops bleeding in piles.
  • 2 teaspoons of curd, a spoonful of sugar and a little bit of black pepper and honey mixed with it, black cough gets cured.
  • Apply sour curd on the roots of the hair and massage it for a while after 20 minutes washing it with cold water, by this problem of hair loss solves and new hair starts growing again. The main reason for hair fall is to take tension of unnecessarily. Most women have more problems for hair fall due to lack of harmonics, and stress. But this problem has started happening in men too. Iodine and iron content are rich in the curd. Grind 10 grams of black pepper and mix it in the curd. And by placing this paste well on the head, it reduces hair loss. This makes the hair soft and beautiful. Therefore, the consumption of curd freezes the problem of hair fall.
  • For cancer patients curd is very beneficial, its daily intake of chances of getting cancer is very low. According to recent research, the use of curd can eliminate many types of cancers. Therefore, the consumption of curd works as an effective medicine in cancer also strengthens our immunity.
  • The  has the ability to prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, and kidney diseases. It prevents cholesterol from increasing and keeps the heartbeat always right.

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