Turmeric Benefits | Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric Powder

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Turmeric Benefits | Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric Powder

I came across my grandparent’s photo while cleaning my room. and for a few seconds, those specials moments I spent with them refreshed my memory. This article is dedicated to my loving Grandparents. I love you both.

Before I start this topic, I want to tell you that I have a special bond with my grandparents and with turmeric. Here’s why?

A few years back, in my childhood, I along with my parents visited my ancestor’s house in our village near Ludhiana (India). My grandparents live there. During that time, one day I got injured while playing. I received a bruise on my ankle and I was in lot of pain.

My grandmother came out running to me and take me home. She asked my mother to apply a lape of haldi (a paste of turmeric) on my bruise. I asked my mother for antiseptic but she assured me that this will work. She then brought me a glass of haldi milk. she instructed me to drink in one sip as this will relieve my pain. Everything my grandmother was doing at that time,  was going above my head but my mother assured me.

My grandmother did lape of haldi and haldi milk for a few days. To my surprise, my bruise healed in completely and even my pain vanished.  However, it was my grandparent’s blessings and love that make me healthy again.  But without any doubt, some credit goes to Turmeric also.

So today i will tell you the turmeric benefits and its medical advantages and its side effects. (yes, it also have side effects).

Turmeric Benefits: Turmeric powder, as we call in hindi Haldi, a very common household name, we all know and we have even used it in the kitchen, many many times. But do we know Turmeric has many advantages in our life as a medical form also.

This is very useful & helpful medicine for our health. In this article, we will be going to discuss Turmeric Benefits. Ayurveda and many books of Indian culture get an interpretation of Turmeric/Haldi properties.

In India, it is probably used in all houses in many different forms. Especially, its use in preparing food is a daily routine. Well, if you say that turmeric has so many advantages that if going to count, then our fingers will also be inadequate without any exaggeration.

The reason for this is that many good properties are found in haldi, which are very important for our health along with beauty. That is why we have brought today the information about the Turmeric Benefits or we can say benefits of Turmeric/Haldi and the various advantages of it and about its use in detail.

Detail about Turmeric Benefits:

(1) Turmeric is used on all occasions in the Hindu religion. Such as katha, worship/pooja, path and many other auspicious occasions. Haldi is used by bride and groom before marriage as applying it on the skin. The purpose behind this is to make the skin glowing & shinning.

About that applying haldi is also related to customs and Indian culture at a Hindu wedding. But in the present time, its scientific facts have also emerged, which is influenced by medicinal properties.

(2) Your family, neighbors or you yourself will have been suffering from a cough or coughing sometimes. But do you know that haldi is a very good and effective remedy for a cough? Drink milk with haldi in it and you’ll be relief from a dry cough. Even if you do not have a cough, you can use haldi in milk and sugars.

It is considered to be extremely effective for health. It is beneficial to use turmeric milk in any kind of pain or injury in the body.  This is the top most important benefit among all the other Turmeric Benefits.

(3) Haldi also has the properties of fighting cancer. Today, it has been used in abundance in India and in many countries. Its usage is also increasing day by day in the world.


(4) If the skin burns due to fire,  then make a paste of turmeric/Haldi & Sandalwood/Chandan apply it on the area it provides relief also it will lessen the irritation problem.

(5) If any part of your body is chipped, turmeric/haldi should be applied. It benefits from this and the infection does not spread. Applying turmeric coating does not accumulate in the case of internal injury, and it helps in healing the wound.

As I mentioned above, In earlier times, people use to apply the only turmeric on the wound. (Just like my grandmother).However, it is still used to cover the wounds with haldi in our village. In addition to drinking turmeric milk, internal wounds are cured and physical pain is reduced.

(6) Drinking turmeric milk helps in cleaning Blood also it improves blood flow in our body. Apart from this, it also cleans the liver and provides protection from the infection. It helps in relieving pain.

(7) It also benefits in the obesity problem. If you are consuming turmeric milk, you know that it eliminates unhealthy fat in the body. By which the level of obesity starts decreasing.

(8) Mix turmeric in light lukewarm coconut oil and get rid of excess hair of the body.

(9) Mix turmeric/haldi, gram flour/besan, and honey make a paste apply it on your face, it gives fairness on our face. This gives the skin naturally fits.

(10) You can use turmeric with food or with the milk it gives benefit to the body. This clears the blood so that the skin glow remains intact and no problem with pimples. Along with this, the skin also survives from diseases such as boils and pimples.

Although turmeric provides many health benefits, high dose of turmeric or prolonged use may cause some side effects, As we discussed Turmeric Benefits now let’s know about the side effects of turmeric.


Side Effects of Turmeric/Haldi :

– Due to the spicy nature, long-term consumption of turmeric can spoil your stomach.

– Turmeric is also known as a uterine stimulant, which can stimulate the flow of menstrual periods. Pregnant women and lactating mothers should use turmeric to protect their babies from any type of harm or restrict its intake.

– Because the turmeric is known to slow down blood clot (blood clot), it can cause bleeding. If you are taking anticoagulants and antipalate medicines, then turmeric intake can have a negative impact on your health.

– One study has shown that turmeric can have an effect on chemotherapy, so avoid the use of turmeric during chemotherapy treatment.

– One study has shown that those who take a high dose of turmeric, increase the chances of diarrhea and nausea and vomiting. To avoid diarrhea, reduce the number of turmeric supplements and if you are suffering from diarrhea or nausea then treat it.



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