Benefits of Camphor | Incredible Benefits of Kapur/Camphor

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Benefits of Camphor | Incredible Benefits of Kapur/Camphor

Benefits of Camphor: There are hundreds of Benefits of Camphor, that helps us in many ways. The Camphor/Kapur is used not only in the worship/pooja, it also has great importance in Ayurveda. It gives amazing benefits in many of our health-related problems.

Kapur has his own religious significance. It has been used for worship by many people and for many other religious works. But, along with this, it is also very beneficial for our health. Many health problems can be overcome by using Kapur correctly. At the same time, it is also beneficial for beauty in our form. Kapur or Kapur’s oil works like Magic/Ramban in troubles related to hair or skin.

If their burns on the skin due to fire, then applying it on the area, not only provides fast relief but it will reduce the irritation problem.. Camphor/Kapur also plays an important role in Ayurveda. Apart from this Kapur’s many uses, it does not even have any side effects and it is easily available in our homes. So it can be used very easily.

It is very beneficial for hair, skin & joint pain problems. It is very quick in relieving pain.

 So let’s know the Benefits of Camphor/Kapur:

Cracked Heels:

Camphor/Kapur is also used for cracked heels. Take a little camphor/Kapur and put it in warm water and soak your feet in it, then scrub it softly & slowly. Keep doing this process for a few days while applying creams on your heels. By doing so, the cracks of the heels will soon vanish.

Burn Marks:

If the skin burns with fire or if there is any wound or scratches on the skin then use Camphor/Kapur it is very beneficial. Mix some quantity of camphor/kapur in some water and then apply it on the skin. Doing this for a few days, skin burns or stains will be healed completely.

Skin Rashes:

If you see red spots (skin rashes) on your skin, then camphor/kapur can help you in this problem. For this, make a paste of camphor/Kapur and a small amount of water and apply it to the place of rashes. If you do this process for a few days then you will get better results soon.

Hair Problems:

If you are having trouble with hair loss, you should regularly massage your head with camphor/Kapur oil daily. Your hair loss process will stop. Apart from this, the use of Kapur/Camphor oil on the scalp makes your hair re-grow and it becomes even stronger and healthier.


If you are having worst headache, then do some simple champy or massage with camphor/kapur oil on your head. Doing so gives relief very quickly from a headache.

Acne/Pimples Problem:

These days Pimples, acne and stains on the face are a very common problem. But these problems affect the beauty of the face. In this case, Camphor/Kapur’s oil should be applied on the face.

Using this, the stains on the face gradually decreases and the acne becomes disappearing slowly. Not only that, you can use Camphor/Kapur oil in all kinds of skin related problems.

Relief in Winter:

Camphor/Kapur is also beneficial in cold winter. Get rid of stuffy nose problem with the help of the camphor/kapur.

Reduce Cholesterol:

Kapur has been used in Indian and Chinese medicine for a long time. It helps in removing pain in the muscles and arthritis etc. Not only that, some researches even claim that camphor is also helpful in reducing cholesterol.

Stomach Pain Relief:

If you are worried about stomach-ache and anxiety, Kapur can prove to be very beneficial for you. When the stomach ache, drinking Kapur and oatmeal and mint mixed with syrup, drink this and your stomach ache will vanish and the hajma/digestion will be also good.

Liver & Heart Problems:

Various researches are done on the benefits of Camphor. Some researches certify that there are anti-oxidant properties in it. Due to this, it helps to protect against liver diseases, diabetes, and heart diseases. Many people also claim that anti-cancer properties are also found in Kapur.

Remove Itching:

Along with other Benefits of Camphor, this is one big benefit is to remove itching from your body. In Kapur, there are natural properties to remove this itching. Use Kapur on your body, it will give you faster relief.

Diarrhea Problem:

Take Camphor/Kapur, Ajwain and Peppermint in equal quantity, put them in a bottle and mix it and keep that bottle in the direct sunlight. Give it to the patient of diarrhea by adding four to eight drops of sugar or sugar syrup. This will provide relief in diarrhea.


One of the many Benefits of Camphor/Kapur is protection against dengue. To avoid dengue, burn a camphor piece in the house. It produces a smell that irritates the mosquitoes and they will get away from its smell and your house.


Although there are many Benefits of Camphor/kapur still you have to take precautions while using it.

Precautions/Must Read before using Camphor/Kapur:

Kapur oil, is very strong to apply directly on the skin. It can cause irritation in the skin. You need to mix camphor oil with any carrier oil.

Kapur should not be used on children under 2 years of age. This is extremely poisonous for them. –Pregnant or lactating women should avoid camphor because it can be dangerous for them and their child.

-Do not take Kapur verbally, it is very poisonous.

– If the excessive amount of camphor goes into the stomach it can be damaged. It can cause problems in skin rash, lips drying, digestion, kidney or breath. Therefore, without the doctor’s advice, more cloth should not go into the stomach.


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