Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea (Adrak Ki Chai) | & Side Effects

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Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea (Adrak Ki Chai) | & Side Effects

Benefits Of Ginger Tea: Do you know, Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world. It is the most enjoyed beverages worldwide. To tell you a secret, It is also my all time favorite beverage. Having tea with samosa or pakora is just mind-blowing.

Now coming back to the topic(benefits of ginger tea), tea has become a major part of our daily routine. Many people start and end their day with tea. By drinking tea, the body feels energetic and the mood becomes fresh. Having Tea in a headache or cancer condition is very beneficial.

Getting a hot cup of tea after waking up in the morning, it just makes our day. You feel stress-free after having your cup of tea in the morning.

In many ways, tea has become a very important beverage for the people in this fast life. Sometimes I feel that I can live without oxygen but not without my morning share of tea.

There are many types of tea like black tea, green tea, Ginger tea, Flavoured Tea etc . But today I will specially discuss the health benefits of ginger tea, which is also my favorite tea.

Ginger tea, as the name says ginger & tea. It is not less than a boon for those who get used to having tea in the morning. Ginger tea is excellent in taste and it is also beneficial for the health also. Ginger tea is a spicy drink that drinks throughout Asia and it is also preferred throughout the world.

Even in ancient Ayurveda and Chinese medicines, the health benefits of ginger is amazing as it is used as medicine for about 3,000 years. And tea prepared from roots of ginger is used as a natural treatment for indigestion, swelling, burning, migraine, nausea, diarrhea and many other types of diseases.


So now you know the amazing health benefits of ginger tea, but what’s the use? If you don’t know how to make ginger tea. Let me tell you a secret recipe of Ginger tea.

How to make Simple Ginger Tea At Home:


Making ginger tea at home is quite easy. Wash ginger thoroughly and dry it. You peel ginger and cut it into small pieces. Boil one and a half cup of water and put ginger pieces in it. Slow down the fire, cover the vessel. Leave it for 5 to 15 minutes only.

To increase the taste of tea, you can add sugar, lemon, milk, tea leaves, honey, cream or any other item to it. That is, whatever you think of joining. Filter the tea and drink hot. Along with this, you can also get readymade ginger tea in the market and you can also take ginger as a capsule.

Ginger tea is undoubtedly a good beverage but doesn’t get too addicted to it,  that it becomes a problem for you. Everything is good but in a controlled manner. That’s why there is an old saying that excess of everything is bad.


Let’s discuss the Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea:

(1) It is very beneficial to have ginger tea in a cough, it provides relief.

(2) Drinking ginger tea improves digestion. Ginger helps in digesting it when consuming more or improper food.

(3) Vitamin, Minerals and amino acids found in ginger improve blood circulation.

(4) Drinking ginger tea reduces stress. If you are tired of doing work or have been feeling tension working on the computer in the office for a long time, then a ginger tea can be used to refresh you.

(5) Drinking ginger tea provides relief in a headache.

(6) All types of toxins present in our body get out from the body by the consumption of ginger tea. By which the skin color enhances and the brightness of the face remains intact.

(7) Drinking ginger tea provides relief in menstrual problems that occur to women. For more benefits, honey should be mixed in it.

(8) If you want to control your weight or you are thinking about reducing weight, then you should start drinking ginger tea from today itself.


As we discussed the health benefits of ginger tea, it still has some disadvantages.

Burning & Diarrhea:

Excessive consumption of ginger tea can spoil your digestion. As a result of this, there may be problems like mouth irritation, diarrhea, nausea and even chest irritation. Along with this, excessive intake can also lead to the formation of acid in the human body, which leads to acidity.

And then people suffering from diabetes should not eat more ginger in any form. Because ginger reduces the amount of sugar in the body, which can lead to hypoglycemia.

Blood Diluted & Disorder:

Should not consume ginger with any blood-forming medicines or other things. This includes medicines like ibruffin and aspirin. At the same time, people who are taking high blood pressure medicine should not eat ginger in any form as it can reduce blood pressure, which can cause heart palpitations.

The ginger root acts with blood platelets, which results in hemoglobin formation. Ginger consumption can lead to blood disorders such as hemophilia. So, talk to your doctor before drinking ginger tea.

Sleep Problems:

Drinking ginger tea can cause anxiety and insomnia. Avoid drinking ginger tea before sleeping, as this can spoil some sleep for some people. After drinking ginger tea, you will not be able to sleep for a long time because it can cause chest irritation. And due to insomnia you also have many other problems.


Gallstones patients can eat ginger after a good conversation with the doctor because the risk of side effects is very high. Bile formation can be quite painful in patients with gallstones. Ginger helps in the formation of bile, which can worsen the condition.


Should be used in pregnancy or not, it is a very controversial issue. Pregnant women are advised not to eat ginger because it is believed that the fetus is affected by bad breath. Many experts also believe that ginger tea is very helpful for morning sickness.

Traditional Chinese Vaid has use ginger during pregnancy to be dangerous for both mother and infant. They even have to believe that abortion can also happen. So, it is better to consult your doctor before taking ginger tea in pregnancy.

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