Cashew Nutrition (Kaju)| Cashew Nut Benefits & Side Effects

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Cashew Nutrition (Kaju)| Cashew Nut Benefits & Side Effects

Cashew Nutrition & Cashew Nut Benefits: As we know cashew nuts are one of the most famous dry fruits. Cashews are also considered the king of dry fruit. Although cashews are a bit expensive, there are many benefits to eating it.

Cashew nut benefits are so much so people used to eat it regularly. Cashews are used in sweets, besides many other dishes are also made to make gravy. This gives a new taste in recipes and many types of vegetable gravy become even tastier. A special barfi is also made from cashew nuts known as cashew kettle. Cashew nut benefits are very common.

There is no combination of cashew nuts in taste and health, there is a lot of benefits if cashews are consumed daily. By eating a few cashew nuts, not only does the body get energy, but many diseases are also removed. Let’s know about some of cashew nuts benefits:

Cashew Nut Benefits Are:

Teeth & Gums:

Another Cashew nut Benefits includes strengthening of your teeth and gums. Remain healthy with the consumption of cashew nuts.

Benefits of Kidney and Liver:

Consume every day 2-3 cashew nuts and it benefits your kidneys and liver. It also keeps your digestive system well.


It is a very good source of cashew. Protein is found in very good quantity. Therefore, it is also very beneficial for hair and skin. Skin becomes healthy & soft.

Blood Pressure:

One of the main cashew nuts benefits is that it is very good for blood pressure patients. Low amounts of sodium and potassium is found in excessive amounts, which keeps blood pressure in control.

Memory Enhances:

Vitamin B is found in Cashew nuts. By consuming Cashew in empty stomach with honey, it increases brain memory. By eating this it reduces the formation of uric acid and this will reduce the BP.  Helps in Keep it controlled.


Cashew nutrition helps to protect from cancer, as cashew contains antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Selenium are found which protect us from cancer. Besides, cashew nuts are effective in fighting infections.


Cashew nuts benefits include protection from anemia disease. It helps the body to balance enzyme activity, hormone production, brain cells etc. Copper enhances blood cells and removes anemia’s disease.

Digestion Power:

It is also very good for Digestion. Antioxidants found in cashews strengthen the digestive tract, as well as keep the weight in control.

Healthy Heart:

Cashew nuts benefit us in keeping our heart working smoothly and properly. As cashew nuts have monosaccharide fat & Ocala acid, which keeps the heart healthy and protects the heart from diseases. Cholesterol is found in very small amounts in it. In cashews, there are important elements such as zinc, copper, magnesium and iron, besides oleic acid, which helps keep blood vessels and heart masses in abundance.

Strengthen the Bones:

Cashew nuts contain proteins that strengthen the bones. Magnesium is found in cashew nuts that strengthen bones from inside. Our body requires 300-750 mg of magnesium daily.


From a research beneficial in diabetes, it was found that cashews increase the amount of insulin, which gives the benefit of diabetes patients.


Increasing body Energy:

By eating this, you get relief from fatigue. If your mood has gone bad, eating 2-3 cashew nuts improves mood. But still, you should not eat too much cashew nuts.

Hair & Skin:

Regular consumption of cashews for hair and skin makes the hair grow taller, dense, strong and shiny. It also removes the problems of hair loss. Eating cashew nuts make skin glow. It contains vitamin E which decreases the aging of the skin and you see the young for a long time.


Cashew Disadvantages:

Any diet should be eaten in a limited amount. Therefore, the consumption of cashew nuts should not be too high. Because eating cashew nuts can cause you the following losses. If the quantity of cashew nut is determined daily, you can eat 2 to 3 cashew nuts throughout the day.

  • Due to the excessive consumption of calories in cashew, excessive weight gain leads to unnecessary weight gain. About 30-gram cashew nut is 163 calories and 13.1 fat. Although fat is found to be healthy in nature, it still increases the weight by eating it in excess.
  • Migraine Problems If you are having trouble with migraines, you should not eat cashew nuts either. Because there are amino acids that cause a headache.
  • It contains the oxlaitase element in which it produces stones in the gallbladder or kidney, and it causes many kinds of diseases. Therefore, patients of Gallbladder should not eat cashew nuts at all.
  • Allergic reactions are sometimes proven deadly by consuming cashew nuts. In this, you begin to feel the symptoms of allergies such as Trivia, Hives, Itching, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, and in such a situation, you should immediately contact the doctor.
  • Many research has proven that the consumption of high levels of cashew nut increases blood glucose levels. People with diabetes should monitor their blood glucose at the time of their intake. And adjust your diabetes supplements accordingly.
  • Because cashew affects blood sugar levels, so in some cases, cashews interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgery. In such cases, the consumption of cashew nuts should be stopped at least 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Vitamins and Minerals are found in abundance in cashew nuts, So allergic Trouble in Pregnancy can be caused. Yes, it is also a good diet for pregnant women, But if you have allergic issues then in the pregnancy period itself it will be a good advice not to eat it, to protect your child from allergic reactions.


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