My name is Meenakshi Sandle

I am a proud founder & designer of . Professionally I m holding the experience of 4+ yrs in Designer & PHP Development.  Also a  huge WordPress enthusiast, a simple blogger who loves to write & share tips about health and technologies.
I m a huge gadgets lover & blogger, kinda Punjabi girl, so that’s why I love to share my knowledge here with all people out there. As wise person once told me.. Sharing is caring. Let’s get connected.

My Place:

Basically, Chandigarh is my birthplace also having my own house there in Sector 34 (Heart Of Chandigarh). I had traveled the whole Punjab completely, each corner of it nearly 4-5 times. I had also been to New York & California for just 3 months. It was totally insane visit. I visit there for my brother’s wedding.

Never been to metro cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata in my life but really wanna go there..  I dont know why I wanna go there.. Bass aiwe hehe hehe !!

My Hobbies are not much. Just watching movies, listening to music, exploring the internet,  Trying new Smartphones, Tips & Benefits, Stay Updated always, yes writing blogs.. Just luv it..

Future Plan:

Who has seen the future ! So ghanta future plans. Just be myself & keep exploring the world with me & my friends & my family. Rest will go as Waheguru ji takes me.


My Image Gallery: Adding More images next week..

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